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Acts 2:2 (IGNT)
  2 G2532 και And G1096 (G5633) εγενετο Came G869 αφνω Suddenly G1537 εκ Out Of G3588 του The G3772 ουρανου Heaven G2279 ηχος A Sound G5618 ωσπερ As G5342 (G5730) φερομενης Rushing G4157 πνοης Of A Breath G972 βιαιας Violent, G2532 και And G4137 (G5656) επληρωσεν Filled G3650 ολον Whole G3588 τον The G3624 οικον House G3757 ου Where G2258 (G5713) ησαν They Were G2521 (G5740) καθημενοι Sitting.