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Luke 11:29 (IGNT)
  29 G3588 των   G1161 δε BUT THE G3793 οχλων CROWDS G1865 (G5746) επαθροιζομενων BEING THRONGED TOGETHER G756 (G5662) ηρξατο HE BEGAN G3004 (G5721) λεγειν   G3588 η TO SAY, G1074 γενεα GENERATION G3778 αυτη THIS G4190 πονηρα WICKED G2076 (G5748) εστιν IS; G4592 σημειον A SIGN G1934 (G5719) επιζητει IT SEEKS AFTER, G2532 και AND G4592 σημειον A SIGN G3756 ου NOT G1325 (G5701) δοθησεται SHALL BE GIVEN G846 αυτη   G1487 ει TO IT G3361 μη EXCEPT G3588 το THE G4592 σημειον SIGN G2495 ιωνα OF JONAH G3588 του THE G4396 προφητου PROPHET.