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Mark 16:14 (IGNT)
  14 G5305 υστερον Afterwards G345 (G5740) ανακειμενοις As Reclined "at Table" G846 αυτοις They G3588 τοις To The G1733 ενδεκα Eleven G5319 (G5681) εφανερωθη He Was Manifested G2532 και And G3679 (G5656) ωνειδισεν   G3588 την Reproached G570 απιστιαν   G846 αυτων Their Unbelief G2532 και And G4641 σκληροκαρδιαν Hardness Of Heart, G3754 οτι Because G3588 τοις Those Who G2300 (G5666) θεασαμενοις Had Seen G846 αυτον Him G1453 (G5772) εγηγερμενον   G3756 ουκ Arisen G4100 (G5656) επιστευσαν They Believed Not.
Acts 2:14 (IGNT)
  14 G2476 (G5685) σταθεις But Standing G1161 δε Up G4074 πετρος Peter G4862 συν With G3588 τοις The G1733 ενδεκα Eleven G1869 (G5656) επηρεν   G3588 την Lifted Up G5456 φωνην Voice G846 αυτου His G2532 και And G669 (G5662) απεφθεγξατο Spoke Forth G846 αυτοις To Them, G435 ανδρες Men G2453 ιουδαιοι Jews G2532 και And G3588 οι Ye Who G2730 (G5723) κατοικουντες Inhabit G2419 ιερουσαλημ Jerusalem G537 απαντες All, G5124 τουτο This G5213 υμιν To You G1110 γνωστον Known G2077 (G5749) εστω Let Be, G2532 και And G1801 (G5663) ενωτισασθε   G3588 τα Give Heed To G4487 ρηματα Words G3450 μου My :