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Acts 9:15 (IGNT)
  15 G2036 (G5627) ειπεν And G1161 δε Said G4314 προς To G846 αυτον Him G3588 ο The G2962 κυριος Lord, G4198 (G5737) πορευου Go, G3754 οτι For G4632 σκευος A Vessel G1589 εκλογης Of Election G3427 μοι To Me G2076 (G5748) εστιν Is G3778 ουτος   G3588 του This "man", G941 (G5658) βαστασαι   G3588 το To Bear G3686 ονομα Name G3450 μου My G1799 ενωπιον Before G1484 εθνων Gentiles G2532 και And G935 βασιλεων Kings, G5207 υιων   G5037 τε And "the" Sons G2474 ισραηλ Of Israel :
Romans 9:11 (IGNT)
  11 G3380 μηπω Not Yet " The Children " G1063 γαρ For G1080 (G5685) γεννηθεντων Being Born G3366 μηδε Nor G4238 (G5660) πραξαντων Having Done G5100 τι Anything G18 αγαθον Good G2228 η Or G2556 κακον Evil, G2443 ινα (that G3588 η The G2596 κατ According To G1589 εκλογην Election G3588 του Of G2316 θεου God G4286 προθεσις Purpose G3306 (G5725) μενη Might Abide, G3756 ουκ Not G1537 εξ Of G2041 εργων Works, G235 αλλ But G1537 εκ Of G3588 του Him G2564 (G5723) καλουντος Who Calls),
2 Peter 1:10 (IGNT)
  10 G1352 διο Wherefore G3123 μαλλον Rather, G80 αδελφοι Brethren, G4704 (G5657) σπουδασατε Be Diligent G949 βεβαιαν Sure G5216 υμων   G3588 την Your G2821 κλησιν Calling G2532 και And G1589 εκλογην Election G4160 (G5733) ποιεισθαι To Make, G5023 ταυτα   G1063 γαρ For These Things G4160 (G5723) ποιουντες Doing G3756 ου   G3361 μη In No Wise G4417 (G5661) πταισητε Shall Ye Stumble G4218 ποτε At Any Time.