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Matthew 5:45 (IGNT)
  45 G3704 οπως So That G1096 (G5638) γενησθε Ye May Be G5207 υιοι   G3588 του Sons G3962 πατρος   G5216 υμων Of Your Father G3588 του Who G1722 εν "is" In G3772 ουρανοις "the" Heavens : G3754 οτι   G3588 τον For G2246 ηλιον   G846 αυτου His Sun G393 (G5719) ανατελλει He Causes To Rise G1909 επι On G4190 πονηρους Evil G2532 και And G18 αγαθους Good, G2532 και And G1026 (G5719) βρεχει Sends Rain G1909 επι On G1342 δικαιους Just G2532 και And G94 αδικους Unjust.
Matthew 9:13 (IGNT)
  13 G4198 (G5679) πορευθεντες   G1161 δε But Having Gone G3129 (G5628) μαθετε Learn G5101 τι What G2076 (G5748) εστιν Is, G1656 ελεον Mercy G2309 (G5719) θελω I Desire, G2532 και And G3756 ου Not G2378 θυσιαν Sacrifice : G3756 ου Not G1063 γαρ For G2064 (G5627) ηλθον I Came G2564 (G5658) καλεσαι To Call G1342 δικαιους Righteous "ones" G235 αλλ But G268 αμαρτωλους Sinners G1519 εις To G3341 μετανοιαν Repentance.
Matthew 10:41 (IGNT)
  41 G3588 ο He That G1209 (G5740) δεχομενος Receives G4396 προφητην A Prophet G1519 εις In "the" G3686 ονομα Name G4396 προφητου Of A Prophet G3408 μισθον "the" Reward G4396 προφητου Of A Prophet G2983 (G5695) ληψεται Shall Receive; G2532 και And G3588 ο He That G1209 (G5740) δεχομενος Receives G1342 δικαιον A Righteous "man" G1519 εις In "the" G3686 ονομα Name G1342 δικαιου Of A Righteous "man" G3408 μισθον The Reward G1342 δικαιου Of A Righteous "man" G2983 (G5695) ληψεται Shall Receive.
Matthew 13:17 (IGNT)
  17 G281 αμην   G1063 γαρ For Verily G3004 (G5719) λεγω I Say G5213 υμιν To You, G3754 οτι That G4183 πολλοι Many G4396 προφηται Prophets G2532 και And G1342 δικαιοι Righteous "men" G1937 (G5656) επεθυμησαν Desired G1492 (G5629) ιδειν To See G3739 α What G991 (G5719) βλεπετε Ye See, G2532 και And G3756 ουκ Not G1492 (G5627) ειδον Saw; G2532 και And G191 (G5658) ακουσαι To Hear G3739 α What G191 (G5719) ακουετε Ye Hear, G2532 και   G3756 ουκ And G191 (G5656) ηκουσαν Heard Not.
Matthew 13:49 (IGNT)
  49 G3779 ουτως Thus G2071 (G5704) εσται Shall It Be G1722 εν In G3588 τη The G4930 συντελεια Completion G3588 του Of The G165 αιωνος Age : G1831 (G5695) εξελευσονται Shall Go Out G3588 οι The G32 αγγελοι Angels, G2532 και And G873 (G5692) αφοριουσιν Shall Separate G3588 τους The G4190 πονηρους Wicked G1537 εκ From "the" G3319 μεσου Midst G3588 των Of The G1342 δικαιων Righteous,
Matthew 20:7 (IGNT)
  7 G3004 (G5719) λεγουσιν They Say G846 αυτω To Him, G3754 οτι Because G3762 ουδεις No One G2248 ημας Us G3409 (G5668) εμισθωσατο Has Hired. G3004 (G5719) λεγει He Says G846 αυτοις To Them, G5217 (G5720) υπαγετε Go G2532 και Also G5210 υμεις Ye G1519 εις Into G3588 τον The G290 αμπελωνα Vineyard, G2532 και And G3739 ο   G1437 εαν Whatever G5600 (G5753) η May Be G1342 δικαιον Just G2983 (G5695) ληψεσθε Ye Shall Receive.
Matthew 23:29 (IGNT)
  29 G3759 ουαι Woe G5213 υμιν To You, G1122 γραμματεις Scribes G2532 και And G5330 φαρισαιοι Pharisees, G5273 υποκριται Hypocrites, G3754 οτι For G3618 (G5719) οικοδομειτε Ye Build G3588 τους The G5028 ταφους Sepulchres G3588 των Of The G4396 προφητων Prophets, G2532 και And G2885 (G5719) κοσμειτε Adorn G3588 τα The G3419 μνημεια Tombs G3588 των Of The G1342 δικαιων Righteous,
Matthew 23:35 (IGNT)
  35 G3704 οπως So That G2064 (G5632) ελθη Should Come G1909 εφ Upon G5209 υμας You G3956 παν All "the" G129 αιμα Blood G1342 δικαιον Righteous G1632 (G5746) εκχυνομενον Poured Out G1909 επι Upon G3588 της The G1093 γης Earth G575 απο From G3588 του The G129 αιματος Blood G6 αβελ Of Abel G3588 του The G1342 δικαιου Righteous, G2193 εως To G3588 του The G129 αιματος Blood G2197 ζαχαριου Of Zacharias G5207 υιου Son G914 βαραχιου Of Barachiah, G3739 ον Whom G5407 (G5656) εφονευσατε Ye Murdered G3342 μεταξυ Between G3588 του The G3485 ναου Temple G2532 και And G3588 του The G2379 θυσιαστηριου Altar.
Matthew 25:37 (IGNT)
  37 G5119 τοτε Then G611 (G5700) αποκριθησονται Will Answer G846 αυτω Him G3588 οι The G1342 δικαιοι Righteous, G3004 (G5723) λεγοντες Saying, G2962 κυριε Lord, G4219 ποτε When G4571 σε Thee G1492 (G5627) ειδομεν Saw We G3983 (G5723) πεινωντα Hungering, G2532 και And G5142 (G5656) εθρεψαμεν Fed "thee"? G2228 η Or G1372 (G5723) διψωντα Thirsting, G2532 και And G4222 (G5656) εποτισαμεν Gave "thee" To Drink?
Matthew 27:19 (IGNT)
  19 G2521 (G5740) καθημενου As Was Sitting G1161 δε But G846 αυτου He G1909 επι On G3588 του The G968 βηματος Judgment Seat G649 (G5656) απεστειλεν Sent G4314 προς To G846 αυτον   G3588 η Him G1135 γυνη   G846 αυτου His Wife, G3004 (G5723) λεγουσα Saying, "let There Be" G3367 μηδεν Nothing G4671 σοι Between Thee G2532 και   G3588 τω And G1342 δικαιω Righteous G1565 εκεινω That "man"; G4183 πολλα   G1063 γαρ For Many Things G3958 (G5627) επαθον I Suffered G4594 σημερον Today G2596 κατ In G3677 οναρ A Dream G1223 δι Because Of G846 αυτον Him.
Matthew 27:24 (IGNT)
  24 G1492 (G5631) ιδων   G1161 δε   G3588 ο And Seeing G4091 πιλατος Pilate G3754 οτι That G3762 ουδεν Nothing G5623 (G5719) ωφελει It Availed, G235 αλλα But G3123 μαλλον Rather G2351 θορυβος A Tumult G1096 (G5736) γινεται Is Arising, G2983 (G5631) λαβων Having Taken G5204 υδωρ Water G633 (G5668) απενιψατο   G3588 τας He Washed "his" G5495 χειρας Hands G561 απεναντι Before G3588 του The G3793 οχλου Crowd, G3004 (G5723) λεγων Saying, G121 αθωος Guiltless G1510 (G5748) ειμι I Am G575 απο Of G3588 του The G129 αιματος   G3588 του Blood G1342 δικαιου   G5127 τουτου Of This Righteous "man"; G5210 υμεις Ye G3700 (G5695) οψεσθε Will See "to It".
Mark 2:17 (IGNT)
  17 G2532 και And G191 (G5660) ακουσας   G3588 ο Having Heard G2424 ιησους Jesus G3004 (G5719) λεγει Says G846 αυτοις To Them, G3756 ου Not G5532 χρειαν Need G2192 (G5719) εχουσιν Have G3588 οι They Who G2480 (G5723) ισχυοντες Are Strong G2395 ιατρου Of A Physician, G235 αλλ But G3588 οι They Who G2560 κακως Ill G2192 (G5723) εχοντες   G3756 ουκ Are. G2064 (G5627) ηλθον I Came Not G2564 (G5658) καλεσαι To Call G1342 δικαιους Righteous "ones", G235 αλλα But G268 αμαρτωλους Sinners G1519 εις To G3341 μετανοιαν Repentance.
Mark 6:20 (IGNT)
  20 G3588 ο   G1063 γαρ For G2264 ηρωδης Herod G5399 (G5711) εφοβειτο   G3588 τον Feared G2491 ιωαννην John, G1492 (G5761) ειδως Knowing G846 αυτον Him "to Be" G435 ανδρα A Man G1342 δικαιον Just G2532 και And G40 αγιον Holy, G2532 και And G4933 (G5707) συνετηρει Kept Safe G846 αυτον Him; G2532 και And G191 (G5660) ακουσας Having Heard G846 αυτου Him, G4183 πολλα Many Things G4160 (G5707) εποιει Did, G2532 και And G2234 ηδεως Gladly G846 αυτου Him G191 (G5707) ηκουεν Heard.
Luke 1:17 (IGNT)
  17 G2532 και And G846 αυτος He G4281 (G5695) προελευσεται Shall Go Forth G1799 ενωπιον Before G846 αυτου Him G1722 εν In "the" G4151 πνευματι Spirit G2532 και And G1411 δυναμει Power G2243 ηλιου Of Elijah, G1994 (G5658) επιστρεψαι To Turn G2588 καρδιας Hearts G3962 πατερων Of Fathers G1909 επι To G5043 τεκνα Children, G2532 και And "the" G545 απειθεις Disobedient G1722 εν To "the" G5428 φρονησει Wisdom G1342 δικαιων Of "the" Righteous, G2090 (G5658) ετοιμασαι To Make Ready For "the" G2962 κυριω Lord G2992 λαον A People G2680 (G5772) κατεσκευασμενον Prepared.
Luke 2:25 (IGNT)
  25 G2532 και And G2400 (G5628) ιδου Behold, G2258 (G5713) ην There Was G444 ανθρωπος A Man G1722 εν In G2419 ιερουσαλημ Jerusalem G3739 ω Whose G3686 ονομα Name "was" G4826 συμεων Simeon; G2532 και   G3588 ο And G444 ανθρωπος   G3778 ουτος This Man "was" G1342 δικαιος Just G2532 και And G2126 ευλαβης Pious; G4327 (G5740) προσδεχομενος Waiting For "the" G3874 παρακλησιν   G3588 του Consolation G2474 ισραηλ Of Israel, G2532 και And "the" G4151 πνευμα Spirit G40 αγιον Holy G2258 (G5713) ην Was G1909 επ Upon G846 αυτον Him.
Luke 15:7 (IGNT)
  7 G3004 (G5719) λεγω I Say G5213 υμιν To You, G3754 οτι That G3779 ουτως Thus G5479 χαρα Joy G2071 (G5704) εσται Shall Be G1722 εν In G3588 τω The G3772 ουρανω Heaven G1909 επι Over G1520 ενι One G268 αμαρτωλω Sinner G3340 (G5723) μετανοουντι Repenting, "more" G2228 η Than G1909 επι Over G1768 εννενηκονταεννεα Ninety Nine G1342 δικαιοις Righteous Ones, G3748 οιτινες Who G3756 ου No G5532 χρειαν Need G2192 (G5719) εχουσιν Have G3341 μετανοιας Of Repentance.
Luke 18:9 (IGNT)
  9 G2036 (G5627) ειπεν   G1161 δε And He Spoke G2532 και Also G4314 προς To G5100 τινας Some G3588 τους Who G3982 (G5756) πεποιθοτας Trusted G1909 εφ In G1438 εαυτοις Themselves G3754 οτι That G1526 (G5748) εισιν They Are G1342 δικαιοι Righteous G2532 και And G1848 (G5723) εξουθενουντας Despised G3588 τους The G3062 λοιπους   G3588 την Rest G3850 παραβολην Parable G3778 ταυτην This :
Luke 20:20 (IGNT)
  20 G2532 και And G3906 (G5660) παρατηρησαντες Having Watched "him" G649 (G5656) απεστειλαν They Sent G1455 εγκαθετους Secret Agents, G5271 (G5740) υποκρινομενους Feigning G1438 εαυτους Themselves G1342 δικαιους Righteous G1511 (G5750) ειναι To Be, G2443 ινα That G1949 (G5638) επιλαβωνται They Might Take Hold G846 αυτου Of Him G3056 λογου In Discourse, G1519 εις To G3588 το The "end" G3860 (G5629) παραδουναι To Deliver Up G846 αυτον Him G3588 τη To The G746 αρχη Power G2532 και And G3588 τη To The G1849 εξουσια Authority G3588 του Of The G2232 ηγεμονος Governor.
John 5:30 (IGNT)
  30 G3756 ου   G1410 (G5736) δυναμαι Am Able G1473 εγω I G4160 (G5721) ποιειν To Do G575 απ From G1683 εμαυτου Myself G3762 ουδεν Nothing; G2531 καθως Even As G191 (G5719) ακουω I Hear G2919 (G5719) κρινω I Judge, G2532 και   G3588 η And G2920 κρισις   G3588 η Judgment G1699 εμη My G1342 δικαια Just G2076 (G5748) εστιν Is, G3754 οτι   G3756 ου Because G2212 (G5719) ζητω   G3588 το I Seek Not G2307 θελημα   G3588 το Will G1699 εμον My, G235 αλλα But G3588 το The G2307 θελημα Will G3588 του Of The G3992 (G5660) πεμψαντος Who Sent G3165 με Me G3962 πατρος Father.