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Strong's G133

From G134; a praising (the act), that is, (specifically) a thank (offering)

KJV Usage: praise.

Hebrews 13:15 (IGNT)
  15 G1223 δι By G846 αυτου Him G3767 ουν Therefore G399 (G5725) αναφερωμεν We Should Offer G2378 θυσιαν "the" Sacrifice G133 αινεσεως Of Praise G1275 διαπαντος   G3588 τω Continually G2316 θεω To God, G5123 τουτεστιν   G5123 (G5748) That Is, G2590 καρπον Fruit G5491 χειλεων Of "the" Lips G3670 (G5723) ομολογουντων Confessing G3588 τω   G3686 ονοματι   G846 αυτου To His Name.