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Strong's G123

From ἀΐσσω aissō (to rush) and G251 (in the sense of the sea); a beach (on which the waves dash)

KJV Usage: shore.

Matthew 13:2 (IGNT)
  2 G2532 και And G4863 (G5681) συνηχθησαν Were Gathered Together G4314 προς To G846 αυτον Him G3793 οχλοι Crowds G4183 πολλοι Great, G5620 ωστε So That G846 αυτον He G1519 εις Into G3588 το The G4143 πλοιον Ship G1684 (G5631) εμβαντα Having Entered G2521 (G5738) καθησθαι Sat Down, G2532 και And G3956 πας All G3588 ο The G3793 οχλος Crowd G1909 επι On G3588 τον The G123 αιγιαλον Shore G2476 (G5715) ειστηκει Stood.
Matthew 13:48 (IGNT)
  48 G3739 ην Which G3753 οτε When G4137 (G5681) επληρωθη It Was Filled G307 (G5660) αναβιβασαντες Having Drawn Up G1909 επι On G3588 τον The G123 αιγιαλον Shore, G2532 και And G2523 (G5660) καθισαντες Having Sat Down G4816 (G5656) συνελεξαν They Collected G3588 τα The G2570 καλα Good G1519 εις Into G30 αγγεια Vessels, G3588 τα   G1161 δε And The G4550 σαπρα Corrupt G1854 εξω Out G906 (G5627) εβαλον They Cast.
Acts 21:5 (IGNT)
  5 G3753 οτε But G1161 δε When G1096 (G5633) εγενετο It Was G2248 ημας We G1822 (G5658) εξαρτισαι Completed G3588 τας The G2250 ημερας Days, G1831 (G5631) εξελθοντες Having Set Out G4198 (G5711) επορευομεθα We Journeyed, G4311 (G5723) προπεμποντων Accompanying G2248 ημας Us G3956 παντων All G4862 συν With G1135 γυναιξιν Wives G2532 και And G5043 τεκνοις Children G2193 εως As Far As G1854 εξω Outside G3588 της The G4172 πολεως City. G2532 και And G5087 (G5631) θεντες Having Bowed G3588 τα The G1119 γονατα Knees G1909 επι On G3588 τον The G123 αιγιαλον Shore G4336 (G5662) προσηυξαμεθα We Prayed.
Acts 27:39 (IGNT)
  39 G3753 οτε And G1161 δε When G2250 ημερα Day G1096 (G5633) εγενετο It Was G3588 την The G1093 γην Land G3756 ουκ They G1921 (G5707) επεγινωσκον Did Not Recognize; G2859 κολπον   G1161 δε But A Bay G5100 τινα Certain G2657 (G5707) κατενοουν They Perceived G2192 (G5723) εχοντα Having G123 αιγιαλον A Shore G1519 εις On G3739 ον Which G1011 (G5662) εβουλευσαντο They Purposed G1487 ει If G1410 (G5739) δυναιντο They Should Able G1856 (G5658) εξωσαι To Drive G3588 το The G4143 πλοιον Ship;
Acts 27:40 (IGNT)
  40 G2532 και And G3588 τας The G45 αγκυρας Anchors G4014 (G5631) περιελοντες Having Cut Away G1439 (G5707) ειων They Left G1519 εις In G3588 την The G2281 θαλασσαν Sea, G260 αμα At The Same Time G447 (G5631) ανεντες Having Loosened G3588 τας The G2202 ζευκτηριας Bands G3588 των Of The G4079 πηδαλιων Rudders, G2532 και And G1869 (G5660) επαραντες Having Hoisted G3588 τον The G736 αρτεμονα Foresail G3588 τη To The G4154 (G5723) πνεουση Wind G2722 (G5707) κατειχον They Made G1519 εις For G3588 τον The G123 αιγιαλον Shore.