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Luke 16:26 (IGNT)
  26 G2532 και AND G1909 επι BESIDES G3956 πασιν ALL G5125 τουτοις THESE THINGS, G3342 μεταξυ BETWEEN G2257 ημων US G2532 και AND G5216 υμων YOU G5490 χασμα A CHASM G3173 μεγα GREAT G4741 (G5769) εστηρικται HAS BEEN FIXED, G3704 οπως SO THAT G3588 οι THEY WHO G2309 (G5723) θελοντες DESIRE G1224 (G5629) διαβηναι TO PASS G1782 εντευθεν HENCE G4314 προς TO G5209 υμας   G3361 μη YOU G1410 (G5741) δυνωνται ARE UNABLE, G3366 μηδε NOR G3588 οι THEY G1564 εκειθεν THENCE G4314 προς TO G2248 ημας US G1276 (G5725) διαπερωσιν CAN PASS.
Acts 16:9 (IGNT)
  9 G2532 και AND G3705 οραμα A VISION G1223 δια DURING G3588 της THE G3571 νυκτος NIGHT G3700 (G5681) ωφθη APPEARED G3588 τω TO G3972 παυλω PAUL : G435 ανηρ A MAN G5100 τις CERTAIN G2258 (G5713) ην WAS G3110 μακεδων OF MACEDONIA G2476 (G5761) εστως STANDING, G3870 (G5723) παρακαλων BESEECHING G846 αυτον HIM G2532 και AND G3004 (G5723) λεγων SAYING, G1224 (G5631) διαβας HAVING PASSED OVER G1519 εις INTO G3109 μακεδονιαν MACEDONIA G997 (G5657) βοηθησον HELP G2254 ημιν US.