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Luke 14:28 (IGNT)
  28 G5101 τις   G1063 γαρ For Which G1537 εξ Of G5216 υμων You G2309 (G5723) θελων Desiring G4444 πυργον A Tower G3618 (G5658) οικοδομησαι To Build, G3780 ουχι Not G4412 πρωτον First G2523 (G5660) καθισας Having Sat Down G5585 (G5719) ψηφιζει Counts G3588 την The G1160 δαπανην Cost, G1487 ει If G2192 (G5719) εχει He Has G3588 τα The "means" G4314 προς For "its" G535 απαρτισμον Completion?