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Revelation 3:18 (IGNT)
  18 G4823 (G5719) συμβουλευω I Counsel G4671 σοι Thee G59 (G5658) αγορασαι To Buy G3844 παρ From G1700 εμου Me G5553 χρυσιον Gold G4448 (G5772) πεπυρωμενον Purified G1537 εκ By G4442 πυρος Fire, G2443 ινα That Thou G4147 (G5661) πλουτησης Mayest Be Rich; G2532 και And G2440 ιματια Garments G3022 λευκα White, G2443 ινα That Thou G4016 (G5643) περιβαλη Mayest Be Clothed, G2532 και And G3361 μη   G5319 (G5686) φανερωθη May Not Be Made Manifest G3588 η The G152 αισχυνη Shame G3588 της   G1132 γυμνοτητος   G4675 σου Of Thy Nakedness; G2532 και And G2854 κολλουριον Eye Salve G1472 (G5657) εγχρισον Anoint Thou With G3588 τους   G3788 οφθαλμους   G4675 σου Thine Eyes, G2443 ινα That Thou G991 (G5725) βλεπης Mayest See.