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Hebrews 6:7 (IGNT)
  7 G1093 γη   G1063 γαρ For Ground G3588 η Which G4095 (G5631) πιουσα Drank G3588 τον The G1909 επ Upon G846 αυτης It G4178 πολλακις Often G2064 (G5740) ερχομενον Coming G5205 υετον Rain, G2532 και And G5088 (G5723) τικτουσα Produces G1008 βοτανην Herbage G2111 ευθετον Fit G1565 εκεινοις For Those G1223 δι For Sake Of G3739 ους Whom G2532 και Also G1090 (G5743) γεωργειται It Is Tilled, G3335 (G5719) μεταλαμβανει Partakes G2129 ευλογιας Of Blessing G575 απο   G3588 του From G2316 θεου God;
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