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Acts 20:4 (ACVI)
   4 G1161 CONJ δε AND G4902 V-INI-3S συνειπετο THERE ACCOMPANIED G846 P-DSM αυτω HIM G891 PREP αχρι AS FAR AS G3588 T-GSF της THA G773 N-GSF ασιας ASIA G4986 N-NSM σωπατρος SOPATER G961 A-NSM βεροιαιος BEREAN G1161 CONJ δε AND G2331 N-GPM θεσσαλονικεων OF THESSALONIANS G708 N-NSM αρισταρχος ARISTARCHUS G2532 CONJ και AND G4580 N-NSM σεκουνδος SECUNDUS G2532 CONJ και AND G1050 N-NSM γαιος GAIUS G1190 A-NSM δερβαιος DERBEAN G2532 CONJ και AND G5095 N-NSM τιμοθεος TIMOTHY G1161 CONJ δε AND G774 N-NPM ασιανοι ASIANS G5190 N-NSM τυχικος TYCHICUS G2532 CONJ και AND G5161 N-NSM τροφιμος TROPHIMUS