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Matthew 2:22 (ACVI)
   22 G1161 CONJ δε But G191 V-AAP-NSM ακουσας When He Heard G3754 CONJ οτι That G745 N-NSM αρχελαος Archelaus G936 V-PAI-3S βασιλευει Was Reigning G1909 PREP επι In G3588 T-GSF της Tha G2449 N-GSF ιουδαιας Judea G473 PREP αντι In Place Of G2264 N-GSM ηρωδου Herod G3588 T-GSM του Tho G3962 N-GSM πατρος Father G846 P-GSM αυτου Of Him G5399 V-AOI-3S εφοβηθη He Was Afraid G565 V-2AAN απελθειν To Go G1563 ADV εκει There G1161 CONJ δε And G5537 V-APP-NSM χρηματισθεις Divinely Warned G2596 PREP κατ In G3677 N-OI οναρ Dream G402 V-AAI-3S ανεχωρησεν He Withdrew G1519 PREP εις Into G3588 T-APN τα Thes G3313 N-APN μερη Parts G3588 T-GSF της Of Tha G1056 N-GSF γαλιλαιας Galilee