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Matthew 25:8 (ACVI)
   8 G1161 CONJ δε And G3588 T-NPF αι Thas G3474 A-NPF μωραι Foolish G2036 V-2AAI-3P ειπον Said G3588 T-DPF ταις To Thas G5429 A-DPF φρονιμοις Wise G1325 V-2AAM-2P δοτε Give G2254 P-1DP ημιν Us G1537 PREP εκ From G3588 T-GSN του The G1637 N-GSN ελαιου Olive Oil G5216 P-2GP υμων Of You G3754 CONJ οτι Because G3588 T-NPF αι Thas G2985 N-NPF λαμπαδες Lamps G2257 P-1GP ημων Of Us G4570 V-PPI-3P σβεννυνται Are Going Out
Luke 10:34 (ACVI)
   34 G2532 CONJ και And G4334 V-2AAP-NSM προσελθων Having Come G2611 V-AAI-3S κατεδησεν He Wrapped Up G3588 T-APN τα Thes G5134 N-APN τραυματα Wounds G846 P-GSM αυτου Of Him G2022 V-PAP-NSM επιχεων Pouring On G1637 N-ASN ελαιον Olive Oil G2532 CONJ και And G3631 N-ASM οινον Wine G1161 CONJ δε And G1913 V-AAP-NSM επιβιβασας Having Set G846 P-ASM αυτον Him G1909 PREP επι On G2398 A-ASN ιδιον Own G3588 T-ASN το The G2934 N-ASN κτηνος Beast G71 V-2AAI-3S ηγαγεν He Brought G846 P-ASM αυτον Him G1519 PREP εις To G3829 N-ASN πανδοχειον Inn G2532 CONJ και And G1959 V-AOI-3S επεμεληθη Took Care G846 P-GSM αυτου Of Him
Luke 16:6 (ACVI)
   6 G1161 CONJ δε And G3588 T-NSM ο Tho G2036 V-2AAI-3S ειπεν Said G1540 N-NUI εκατον Hundred G943 N-APM βατους Measures G1637 N-GSN ελαιου Of Olive Oil G2532 CONJ και And G2036 V-2AAI-3S ειπεν He Said G846 P-DSM αυτω To Him G1209 V-ADM-2S δεξαι Receive G3588 T-ASN το The G1121 N-ASN γραμμα Document G4675 P-2GS σου Of Thee G2532 CONJ και And G2523 V-AAP-NSM καθισας Having Sat Down G5030 ADV ταχεως Quickly G1125 V-AAM-2S γραψον Write G4004 N-NUI πεντηκοντα Fifty
Hebrews 1:9 (ACVI)
   9 G25 V-AAI-2S ηγαπησας Thou Loved G1343 N-ASF δικαιοσυνην Righteousness G2532 CONJ και And G3404 V-AAI-2S εμισησας Hated G458 N-ASF ανομιαν Lawlessness G1223 PREP δια Because Of G5124 D-ASN τουτο This G3588 T-NSM ο Tho G2316 N-NSM θεος God G3588 T-NSM ο Tho G2316 N-NSM θεος God G4675 P-2GS σου Of Thee G5548 V-AAI-3S εχρισεν Anointed G4571 P-2AS σε Thee G1637 N-ASN ελαιον Oil G20 N-GSF αγαλλιασεως Of Gladness G3844 PREP παρα Above G3588 T-APM τους Thos G3353 A-APM μετοχους Associate G4675 P-2GS σου Of Thee
James 5:14 (ACVI)
   14 G5100 X-NSM τις Any G770 V-PAI-3S ασθενει Is Weak G1722 PREP εν Among G5213 P-2DP υμιν You G4341 V-ADM-3S προσκαλεσασθω Let Summon G3588 T-APM τους Thos G4245 A-APM πρεσβυτερους Elder G3588 T-GSF της Of Tha G1577 N-GSF εκκλησιας Congregation G2532 CONJ και And G4336 V-ADM-3P προσευξασθωσαν Let Them Pray G1909 PREP επ Near G846 P-ASM αυτον Him G218 V-AAP-NPM αλειψαντες Having Anointed G846 P-ASM αυτον Him G1637 N-DSN ελαιω With Olive Oil G1722 PREP εν In G3588 T-DSN τω The G3686 N-DSN ονοματι Name G3588 T-GSM του Of Tho G2962 N-GSM κυριου Lord
Revelation 6:6 (ACVI)
   6 G2532 CONJ και And G191 V-AAI-1S ηκουσα I Heard G5456 N-ASF φωνην Voice G1722 PREP εν In G3319 A-DSN μεσω Midst G3588 T-GPN των Of Thes G5064 N-GPN τεσσαρων Four G2226 N-GPN ζωων Living Creatures G3004 V-PAP-ASF λεγουσαν Saying G5518 N-NSM χοινιξ Measure G4621 N-GSM σιτου Of Wheat G1220 N-GSN δηναριου For Denarius G2532 CONJ και And G5140 N-NPM τρεις Three G5518 N-NPM χοινικες Measures G2915 N-GSF κριθης Of Barley G1220 N-GSN δηναριου For Denarius G2532 CONJ και And G91 V-AAS-2S αδικησης Thou May Harm G3361 PRT-N μη Not G3588 T-ASN το The G1637 N-ASN ελαιον Olive Oil G2532 CONJ και And G3588 T-ASM τον Tho G3631 N-ASM οινον Wine
Revelation 18:13 (ACVI)
   13 G2532 CONJ και And G2792 N-ASN κιναμωμον Cinnamon G2532 CONJ και And G2368 N-APN θυμιαματα Incense G2532 CONJ και And G3464 N-ASN μυρον Ointment G2532 CONJ και And G3030 N-ASM λιβανον Frankincense G2532 CONJ και And G3631 N-ASM οινον Wine G2532 CONJ και And G1637 N-ASN ελαιον Olive Oil G2532 CONJ και And G4585 N-ASF σεμιδαλιν Fine Flour G2532 CONJ και And G4621 N-ASM σιτον Wheat G2532 CONJ και And G4263 N-APN προβατα Sheep G2532 CONJ και And G2934 N-APN κτηνη Cattle G2532 CONJ και And G2462 N-GPM ιππων Horses G2532 CONJ και And G4480 N-GPF ραιδων Chariots G2532 CONJ και And G4983 N-GPN σωματων Bodies G2532 CONJ και And G5590 N-APF ψυχας Souls G444 N-GPM ανθρωπων Of Men
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