Zephaniah 1:14-18

  14 H1419 The great H3117 day H3068 of the LORD H7138 is near, H7138 it is near, H4118 and hasteneth H3966 greatly, H6963 even the voice H3117 of the day H3068 of the LORD: H1368 the mighty man H6873 [H8802] shall cry H4751 there bitterly.
  15 H3117 That day H3117 is a day H5678 of wrath, H3117 a day H6869 of trouble H4691 and distress, H3117 a day H7722 of wasting H4875 and desolation, H3117 a day H2822 of darkness H653 and gloominess, H3117 a day H6051 of clouds H6205 and thick darkness,
  16 H3117 A day H7782 of the trumpet H8643 and alarm H1219 [H8803] against the fortified H5892 cities, H1364 and against the high H6438 towers.
  17 H6887 [H8689] And I will bring distress H120 upon men, H1980 [H8804] that they shall walk H5787 like blind men, H2398 [H8804] because they have sinned H3068 against the LORD: H1818 and their blood H8210 [H8795] shall be poured out H6083 as dust, H3894 and their flesh H1561 as the dung.
  18 H3701 Neither their silver H2091 nor their gold H3201 [H8799] shall be able H5337 [H8687] to deliver H3117 them in the day H3068 of the LORD'S H5678 wrath; H776 but the whole land H398 [H8735] shall be devoured H784 by the fire H7068 of his jealousy: H6213 [H8799] for he shall make H926 [H8737] even a speedy H3617 riddance H3427 [H8802] of all them that dwell H776 in the land.