Song of Songs 7

  1 H3302 [H8804] How beautiful H6471 are thy feet H5275 with shoes, H5081 O prince's H1323 daughter! H2542 the joints H3409 of thy thighs H2481 are like jewels, H4639 the work H3027 of the hands H542 of a skilful workman.
  2 H8326 Thy navel H5469 is like a round H101 goblet, H2637 [H8799] which wanteth H4197 not liquor: H990 thy belly H6194 is like an heap H2406 of wheat H5473 [H8803] set about H7799 with lilies.
  3 H8147 Thy two H7699 breasts H8147 are like two H6082 young H6646 roes H8380 that are twins.
  4 H6677 Thy neck H4026 is as a tower H8127 of ivory; H5869 thine eyes H1295 like the fishpools H2809 in Heshbon, H8179 by the gate H1337 of Bathrabbim: H639 thy nose H4026 is as the tower H3844 of Lebanon H6822 [H8802] which looketh H6440 toward H1834 Damascus.
  5 H7218 Thy head H3760 upon thee is like Carmel, H1803 and the hair H7218 of thy head H713 like purple; H4428 the king H631 [H8803] is held captive H7298 by her locks of hair.
  6 H3302 [H8804] How fair H5276 [H8804] and how pleasant H160 art thou, O love, H8588 for delights!
  7 H6967 This thy stature H1819 [H8804] is like H8558 a palm tree, H7699 and thy breasts H811 to clusters of grapes.
  8 H559 [H8804] I said, H5927 [H8799] I will go up H8558 to the palm tree, H270 [H8799] I will take hold H5577 of its boughs: H7699 now also thy breasts H811 shall be as clusters H1612 of the vine, H7381 and the fragrance H639 of thy breath H8598 like apples;
  9 H2441 And the roof of thy mouth H2896 like the best H3196 wine H1730 for my beloved, H1980 [H8802] that goeth H4339 down straightly, H8193 causing the lips H3463 of those that are asleep H1680 [H8802] to speak.
  10 H1730 I am my beloved's, H8669 and his desire is toward me.
  11 H3212 [H8798] Come, H1730 my beloved, H3318 [H8799] let us go forth H7704 into the field; H3885 [H8799] let us lodge H3723 in the villages.
  12 H7925 [H8686] Let us get up early H3754 to the vineyards; H7200 [H8799] let us see H1612 if the vine H6524 [H8804] flourisheth, H5563 whether the tender grape H6605 [H8765] appeareth, H7416 and the pomegranates H5132 [H8689] bud forth: H5414 [H8799] there will I give H1730 thee my loves.
  13 H1736 The mandrakes H5414 [H8804] give H7381 a fragrance, H6607 and at our gates H4022 are all manner of pleasant H2319 fruits, new H3465 and old, H6845 [H8804] which I have laid up H1730 for thee, O my beloved.