Psalms 95:4-7

  4 H3027 In his hand H4278 are the deep places H776 of the earth H8443 : the strength H2022 of the hills is his also.
  5 H3220 The sea H6213 [H8804] is his, and he made H3027 it: and his hands H3335 [H8804] formed H3006 the dry land.
  6 H935 [H8798] O come H7812 [H8691] , let us worship H3766 [H8799] and bow down H1288 [H8799] : let us kneel H6440 before H3068 the LORD H6213 [H8802] our maker.
  7 H430 For he is our God H5971 ; and we are the people H4830 of his pasture H6629 , and the sheep H3027 of his hand H3117 . To day H8085 [H8799] if ye will hear H6963 his voice,