Psalms 83

  1 H1824 Keep not thou silence, H430 O God: H2790 [H8799] hold not thy peace, H8252 [H8799] and be not still, H410 O God.
  2 H341 [H8802] For, lo, thy enemies H1993 [H8799] make a tumult: H8130 [H8764] and they that hate H5375 [H8804] thee have lifted up H7218 the head.
  3 H6191 [H8686] They have taken crafty H5475 counsel H5971 against thy people, H3289 [H8691] and consulted H6845 [H8803] against thy hidden ones.
  4 H559 [H8804] They have said, H3212 [H8798] Come, H3582 [H8686] and let us secrete them H1471 from being a nation; H8034 that the name H3478 of Israel H2142 [H8735] may be no more in remembrance.
  5 H3289 [H8738] For they have consulted H3162 together H3820 with one heart: H3772 [H8799] they are H1285 confederate against thee:
  6 H168 The tents H123 of Edom, H3459 and the Ishmaelites; H4124 of Moab, H1905 and the Hagarenes;
  7 H1381 Gebal, H5983 and Ammon, H6002 and Amalek; H6429 the Philistines H3427 [H8802] with the inhabitants H6865 of Tyre;
  8 H804 Assur H3867 [H8738] also is joined H2220 with them: they have helped H1121 the sons H3876 of Lot. H5542 Selah.
  9 H6213 [H8798] Do H4080 to them as to the Midianites; H5516 as to Sisera, H2985 as to Jabin, H5158 at the brook H7028 of Kison:
  10 H8045 [H8738] Who perished H5874 at Endor: H1828 they became as dung H127 for the soil.
  11 H7896 [H8798] Make H5081 their nobles H6159 like Oreb, H2062 and like Zeeb: H5257 yea, all their princes H2078 as Zebah, H6759 and as Zalmunna:
  12 H559 [H8804] Who said, H4999 Let us take to ourselves the houses H430 of God H3423 [H8799] in possession.
  13 H430 O my God, H7896 [H8798] make H1534 them like a wheel; H7179 as the stubble H6440 at the face of H7307 the wind.
  14 H784 As the fire H1197 [H8799] burneth H3293 a forest, H3852 and as the flame H3857 0 setteth H2022 the mountains H3857 [H8762] on fire;
  15 H7291 [H8799] So persecute H5591 them with thy tempest, H926 [H8762] and make them afraid H5492 with thy storm.
  16 H4390 [H8761] Fill H6440 their faces H7036 with shame; H1245 [H8762] that they may seek H8034 thy name, H3068 O LORD.
  17 H954 [H8799] Let them be pale H926 [H8735] and troubled H5703 for ever; H2659 [H8799] yea, let them be put to shame, H6 [H8799] and perish:
  18 H3045 [H8799] That men may know H8034 that thou, whose name H3068 alone is LORD, H5945 art the most high H776 over all the earth.