Psalms 80:4-16

  4 H3068 O LORD H430 God H6635 of hosts, H6225 [H8804] how long wilt thou be angry H8605 against the prayer H5971 of thy people?
  5 H398 [H8689] Thou feedest H3899 them with the bread H1832 of tears; H1832 and givest them tears H8248 [H8686] to drink H7991 in great measure.
  6 H7760 [H8799] Thou makest H4066 us a strife H7934 to our neighbours: H341 [H8802] and our enemies H3932 [H8799] laugh among themselves.
  7 H7725 [H8685] Restore us again, H430 O God H6635 of hosts, H6440 and cause thy face H215 [H8685] to shine; H3467 [H8735] and we shall be saved.
  8 H5265 [H8686] Thou hast brought H1612 a vine H4714 out of Egypt: H1644 [H8762] thou hast cast out H1471 the heathen, H5193 [H8799] and planted it.
  9 H6437 [H8765] Thou didst prepare H6440 room before H8328 it, and didst cause it to take deep H8327 [H8686] root, H4390 [H8762] and it filled H776 the land.
  10 H2022 The hills H3680 [H8795] were covered H6738 with its shadow, H6057 and its boughs H410 were like the goodly H730 cedars.
  11 H7971 [H8762] She sent out H7105 her boughs H3220 to the sea, H3127 and her branches H5104 to the river.
  12 H6555 [H8804] Why hast thou then broke down H1447 her hedges, H5674 [H8802] so that all they who pass H1870 by the way H717 [H8804] do pluck her?
  13 H2386 The boar H3293 from the forest H3765 [H8762] doth waste H2123 it, and the wild beast H7704 of the field H7462 [H8799] doth devour it.
  14 H7725 [H8798] Return, H430 we beseech thee, O God H6635 of hosts: H5027 [H8685] look down H8064 from heaven, H7200 [H8798] and behold, H6485 [H8798] and visit H1612 this vine;
  15 H3657 H3661 [H8798] And the vineyard H3225 which thy right hand H5193 [H8804] planted, H1121 and the branch H553 [H8765] that thou madest strong for thyself.
  16 H8313 [H8803] It is burnt H784 with fire, H3683 [H8803] it is cut down: H6 [H8799] they perish H1606 at the rebuke H6440 of thy countenance.