Psalms 109

  1 H2790 [H8799] Hold not thy peace, H430 O God H8416 of my praise;
  2 H6310 For the mouth H7563 of the wicked H6310 and the mouth H4820 of the deceitful H6605 [H8804] are opened H1696 [H8765] against me: they have spoken H8267 against me with a lying H3956 tongue.
  3 H5437 [H8804] They surrounded H1697 me also with words H8135 of hatred; H3898 [H8735] and fought H2600 against me without a cause.
  4 H160 For my love H7853 [H8799] they are my adversaries: H8605 but I give myself to prayer.
  5 H7760 [H8799] And they have rewarded H7451 me evil H2896 for good, H8135 and hatred H160 for my love.
  6 H6485 [H8685] Set H7563 thou a wicked man H7854 over him: and let Satan H5975 [H8799] stand H3225 at his right hand.
  7 H8199 [H8736] When he shall be judged, H3318 [H8799] let him be H7563 condemned: H8605 and let his prayer H2401 become sin.
  8 H3117 Let his days H4592 be few; H312 and let another H3947 [H8799] take H6486 his overseership.
  9 H1121 Let his children H3490 be fatherless, H802 and his wife H490 a widow.
  10 H1121 Let his children H5128 [H8800] be continually H5128 [H8799] vagabonds, H7592 [H8765] and beg: H1875 [H8804] let them seek H2723 their bread also out of their desolate places.
  11 H5383 [H8802] Let the extortioner H5367 [H8762] catch H2114 [H8801] all that he hath; and let strangers H962 [H8799] spoil H3018 his labour.
  12 H4900 [H8802] Let there be none to extend H2617 mercy H2603 [H8802] to him: neither let there be any to favour H3490 his fatherless children.
  13 H319 Let his posterity H3772 [H8687] be cut off; H1755 and in the generation H312 following H8034 let their name H4229 [H8735] be blotted out.
  14 H5771 Let the iniquity H1 of his fathers H2142 [H8735] be remembered H3068 with the LORD; H2403 and let not the sin H517 of his mother H4229 [H8735] be blotted out.
  15 H3068 Let them be before the LORD H8548 continually, H3772 [H8686] that he may cut off H2143 the memory H776 of them from the earth.
  16 H2142 [H8804] Because that he remembered H6213 [H8800] not to show H2617 mercy, H7291 [H8799] but persecuted H6041 the poor H34 and needy H376 man, H4191 [H8788] that he might even slay H3512 [H8737] the broken H3824 in heart.
  17 H157 [H8799] As he loved H7045 cursing, H935 [H8799] so let it come H2654 [H8804] to him: as he delighted H1293 not in blessing, H7368 [H8799] so let it be far from him.
  18 H3847 [H8799] As he clothed H7045 himself with cursing H4055 like as with his garment, H935 [H8799] so let it come H7130 into his bowels H4325 like water, H8081 and like oil H6106 into his bones.
  19 H899 Let it be to him as the garment H5844 [H8799] which covereth H4206 him, and for a belt H2296 [H8799] with which he is girded H8548 continually.
  20 H6468 Let this be the reward H7853 [H8802] of my adversaries H3068 from the LORD, H1696 [H8802] and of them that speak H7451 evil H5315 against my soul.
  21 H6213 [H8798] But do H3069 thou for me, O GOD H136 the Lord, H8034 for thy name's H2617 sake: because thy mercy H2896 is good, H5337 [H8685] deliver thou me.
  22 H6041 For I am poor H34 and needy, H3820 and my heart H2490 [H8804] is wounded H7130 within me.
  23 H1980 [H8738] I am gone H6738 like the shadow H5186 [H8800] when it declineth: H5287 [H8738] I am tossed up and down H697 as the locust.
  24 H1290 My knees H3782 [H8804] are weak H6685 through fasting; H1320 and my flesh H3584 [H8804] faileth H8081 of fatness.
  25 H2781 I became also a reproach H7200 [H8799] to them: when they looked H5128 [H8686] upon me they shook H7218 their heads.
  26 H5826 [H8798] Help H3068 me, O LORD H430 my God: H3467 [H8685] O save H2617 me according to thy mercy:
  27 H3045 [H8799] That they may know H3027 that this is thy hand; H3068 that thou, LORD, H6213 [H8804] hast done it.
  28 H7043 [H8762] Let them curse, H1288 [H8762] but bless H6965 [H8804] thou: when they arise, H954 [H8799] let them be ashamed; H5650 but let thy servant H8055 [H8799] rejoice.
  29 H7853 [H8802] Let my adversaries H3847 [H8799] be clothed H3639 with shame, H5844 [H8799] and let them cover H1322 themselves with their own confusion, H4598 as with a mantle.
  30 H3966 I will greatly H3034 [H8686] praise H3068 the LORD H6310 with my mouth; H1984 [H8762] yea, I will praise H8432 him among H7227 the multitude.
  31 H5975 [H8799] For he shall stand H3225 at the right hand H34 of the poor, H3467 [H8687] to save H8199 [H8802] him from those that condemn H5315 his soul.