John 13:14-16

  14 G1487 { If G1473 I G3767 then, G2962 your Lord G2532 and G1320 Master, G3538 [G5656] have washed G5216 your G4228 feet; G5210 ye G2532 also G3784 [G5719] ought G3538 [G5721] to wash G240 one another's G4228 feet.}
  15 G1063 { For G1325 [G5656] I have given G5213 you G5262 an example, G2443 that G5210 ye G4160 [G5725] should do G2531 G2532 as G1473 I G4160 [G5656] have done G5213 to you.}
  16 G281 { Verily, G281 verily, G3004 [G5719] I say G5213 to you, G1401 The servant G2076 [G5748] is G3756 not G3187 greater than G846 his G2962 lord; G3761 neither G652 he that is sent G3187 greater than G3992 [G5660] he that sent G846 him.}