Job 39:5-8

  5 H7971 [H8765] Who hath sent out H6501 the wild donkey H2670 free? H6605 [H8765] or who hath loosed H4147 the bands H6171 of the wild donkey?
  6 H1004 Whose house H7760 [H8804] I have made H6160 the wilderness, H4420 and the barren H4908 land his dwellings.
  7 H7832 [H8799] He scorneth H1995 the multitude H7151 of the city, H8085 [H8799] neither regardeth H8663 he the crying H5065 [H8802] of the driver.
  8 H3491 The range H2022 of the mountains H4829 is his pasture, H1875 [H8799] and he searcheth H310 after H3387 every green thing.