Job 33:19-22

  19 H3198 [H8717] He is chastened H4341 also with pain H4904 upon his bed H7230 H7379 [H8675] , and the multitude H6106 of his bones H386 with strong pain:
  20 H2416 So that his life H2092 [H8765] abhorreth H3899 bread H5315 , and his soul H8378 dainty H3978 food.
  21 H1320 His flesh H3615 [H8799] is consumed away H7210 , that it cannot be seen H6106 ; and his bones H7200 [H8795] that were not seen H8192 H8205 [H8795] stick out.
  22 H5315 Yea, his soul H7126 [H8799] draweth near H7845 to the grave H2416 , and his life H4191 [H8688] to the destroyers.