Job 27:2-6

  2 H410 As God H2416 liveth, H5493 [H8689] who hath taken away H4941 my judgment; H7706 and the Almighty, H4843 [H8689] who hath afflicted H5315 my soul;
  3 H5750 All the while H5397 my breath H7307 is in me, and the spirit H433 of God H639 is in my nostrils;
  4 H8193 My lips H1696 [H8762] shall not speak H5766 wickedness, H3956 nor my tongue H1897 [H8799] utter H7423 deceit.
  5 H2486 Far be it from me H6663 [H8686] that I should justify H1478 [H8799] you: till I die H5493 [H8686] I will not remove H8538 my integrity from me.
  6 H6666 My righteousness H2388 [H8689] I hold H7503 [H8686] fast, and will not let it go: H3824 my heart H2778 [H8799] shall not reproach H3117 me so long as I live.