Job 20:26-28

  26 H2822 All darkness H2934 [H8803] shall be hid H6845 [H8803] in his secret places: H784 a fire H5301 [H8795] not blown H398 [H8762] shall consume H3415 [H8799] him; it shall go ill H8300 with him that is left H168 in his tent.
  27 H8064 The heaven H1540 [H8762] shall reveal H5771 his iniquity; H776 and the earth H6965 [H8693] shall rise up against him.
  28 H2981 The increase H1004 of his house H1540 [H8799] shall depart, H5064 [H8737] and his goods shall flow away H3117 in the day H639 of his wrath.