Jeremiah 9:4-6

  4 H8104 [H8734] Take ye heed H376 every one H7453 of his neighbour, H982 [H8799] and trust H251 ye not in any brother: H251 for every brother H6117 [H8800] will utterly H6117 [H8799] supplant, H7453 and every neighbour H1980 [H8799] will walk H7400 with slanders.
  5 H2048 [H8762] And they will deceive H376 every one H7453 his neighbour, H1696 [H8762] and will not speak H571 the truth: H3925 [H8765] they have taught H3956 their tongue H1696 [H8763] to speak H8267 lies, H3811 [H8738] and weary H5753 [H8687] themselves to commit crookedness.
  6 H3427 [H8800] Thy habitation H8432 is in the midst H4820 of deceit; H4820 through deceit H3985 [H8765] they refuse H3045 [H8800] to know H5002 [H8803] me, saith H3068 the LORD.