Jeremiah 49:28-33

  28 H6938 Concerning Kedar H4467 , and concerning the kingdoms H2674 of Hazor H5019 , which Nebuchadnezzar H4428 king H894 of Babylon H5221 [H8689] shall smite H559 [H8804] , thus saith H3068 the LORD H6965 [H8798] ; Arise H5927 [H8798] ye, go up H6938 to Kedar H7703 [H8798] , and lay waste H1121 the men H6924 of the east.
  29 H168 Their tents H6629 and their flocks H3947 [H8799] shall they take away H5375 [H8799] : they shall take H3407 to themselves their curtains H3627 , and all their vessels H1581 , and their camels H7121 [H8804] ; and they shall cry H4032 to them, Fear H5439 is on every side.
  30 H5127 [H8798] Flee H5110 [H8798] , go H3966 far off H3427 [H8800] , dwell H6009 [H8689] deep H3427 [H8802] , O ye inhabitants H2674 of Hazor H5002 [H8803] , saith H3068 the LORD H5019 ; for Nebuchadnezzar H4428 king H894 of Babylon H6098 H3289 [H8804] hath taken counsel H2803 [H8804] against you, and hath conceived H4284 a purpose against you.
  31 H6965 [H8798] Arise H5927 [H8798] , go up H7961 to the wealthy H1471 nation H3427 [H8802] , that dwelleth H983 without care H5002 [H8803] , saith H3068 the LORD H1817 , which have neither gates H1280 nor bars H7931 [H8799] , which dwell H910 alone.
  32 H1581 And their camels H957 shall be a booty H1995 , and the multitude H4735 of their cattle H7998 a spoil H2219 [H8765] : and I will scatter H7307 into all winds H7112 [H8803] them that are in the utmost H6285 corners H935 [H8686] ; and I will bring H343 their calamity H5676 from all sides H5002 [H8803] of it, saith H3068 the LORD.
  33 H2674 And Hazor H4583 shall be a dwelling H8577 for dragons H8077 , and a desolation H5704 for H5769 ever H376 : there shall no man H3427 [H8799] abide H1121 there, nor any son H120 of man H1481 [H8799] dwell in it.