Jeremiah 40:15

  15 H3110 Then Johanan H1121 the son H7143 of Kareah H559 [H8804] spoke H1436 to Gedaliah H4709 in Mizpah H5643 secretly, H559 [H8800] saying, H3212 [H8799] Let me go, H5221 [H8686] I pray thee, and I will slay H3458 Ishmael H1121 the son H5418 of Nethaniah, H376 and no man H3045 [H8799] shall know H5221 H5315 [H8686] it: why should he slay H3064 thee, that all the Judeans H6908 [H8737] who are gathered H6327 [H8738] to thee should be scattered, H7611 and the remnant H3063 of Judah H6 [H8804] perish?