Jeremiah 21:7

  7 H310 And afterward, H5002 [H8803] saith H3068 the LORD, H5414 [H8799] I will give H6667 Zedekiah H4428 king H3063 of Judah, H5650 and his servants, H5971 and the people, H7604 [H8737] and such as are left H5892 in this city H1698 from the pestilence, H2719 from the sword, H7458 and from the famine, H3027 into the hand H5019 of Nebuchadnezzar H4428 king H894 of Babylon, H3027 and into the hand H341 [H8802] of their enemies, H3027 and into the hand H1245 [H8764] of those that seek H5315 their life: H5221 [H8689] and he shall smite H6310 them with the edge H2719 of the sword; H2347 [H8799] he shall not spare H2550 [H8799] them, neither have commiseration, H7355 [H8762] nor fondle.