Jeremiah 1:17-19

  17 H247 [H8799] Thou therefore gird up H4975 thy loins H6965 [H8804] , and arise H1696 [H8765] , and speak H6680 [H8762] to them all that I command H2865 [H8735] thee: be not dismayed H6440 at their faces H2865 [H8686] , lest I confound H6440 thee before them.
  18 H589 For, behold, I H5414 [H8804] have made H3117 thee this day H4013 a fortified H5892 city H1270 , and an iron H5982 pillar H5178 , and brasen H2346 walls H776 against the whole land H4428 , against the kings H3063 of Judah H8269 , against its princes H3548 , against its priests H5971 , and against the people H776 of the land.
  19 H3898 [H8738] And they shall fight H3201 [H8799] against thee; but they shall not prevail H5002 [H8803] against thee; for I am with thee, saith H3068 the LORD H5337 [H8687] , to deliver thee.