Isaiah 55:1-3

  1 H1945 Ho, H6771 every one that thirsteth, H3212 [H8798] come H4325 ye to the waters, H3701 and he that hath no money; H3212 [H8798] come H7666 [H8798] ye, buy, H398 [H8798] and eat; H3212 [H8798] yea, come, H7666 [H8798] buy H3196 wine H2461 and milk H3701 without money H4242 and without price.
  2 H8254 [H8799] Why do ye spend H3701 money H3899 for that which is not bread? H3018 and your labour H7654 for that which satisfieth H3808 not? H8085 [H8798] hearken H8085 [H8800] diligently H398 [H8798] to me, and eat H2896 ye that which is good, H5315 and let your breath H6026 [H8691] delight H1880 itself in fatness.
  3 H5186 [H8685] Incline H241 your ear, H3212 [H8798] and come H8085 [H8798] to me: hear, H5315 and your breath H2421 [H8799] shall live; H3772 [H8799] and I will make H5769 an everlasting H1285 covenant H539 [H8737] with you, even the sure H2617 mercies H1732 of David.