Isaiah 22

  1 H4853 The burden H1516 of the valley H2384 of vision H645 . What aileth thee now H5927 [H8804] , that thou hast wholly gone up H1406 to the housetops?
  2 H4392 Thou that art full H8663 of shoutings H1993 [H8802] , a tumultuous H5892 city H5947 , a joyous H7151 city H2491 : thy slain H2491 men are not slain H2719 with the sword H4191 [H8801] , nor dead H4421 in battle.
  3 H7101 All thy rulers H5074 [H8804] have fled H3162 together H631 [H8795] , they are bound H7198 by the archers H4672 [H8737] : all that are found H631 [H8795] in thee are bound H3162 together H1272 [H8804] , who have fled H7350 from far.
  4 H559 [H8804] Therefore said H8159 [H8798] I, Look away H1065 from me; I will weep H4843 [H8762] bitterly H213 [H8686] , labour H5162 [H8763] not to comfort H7701 me, because of the plundering H1323 of the daughter H5971 of my people.
  5 H3117 For it is a day H4103 of trouble H4001 , and of treading down H3998 , and of perplexity H136 by the Lord H3069 GOD H6635 of hosts H1516 in the valley H2384 of vision H6979 [H8772] , breaking H7023 down the walls H7771 , and of crying H2022 to the mountains.
  6 H5867 And Elam H5375 [H8804] bore H827 the quiver H7393 with chariots H120 of men H6571 and horsemen H7024 , and Kir H6168 [H8765] uncovered H4043 the shield.
  7 H4005 And it shall come to pass, that thy choicest H6010 valleys H4390 [H8804] shall be full H7393 of chariots H6571 , and the horsemen H7896 [H8804] shall set H7896 [H8800] themselves in array H8179 at the gate.
  8 H1540 [H8762] And he uncovered H4539 the coverings H3063 of Judah H5027 [H8686] , and thou didst look H3117 in that day H5402 to the armour H1004 of the house H3293 of the forest.
  9 H7200 [H8804] Ye have seen H1233 also the breaches H5892 of the city H1732 of David H7231 [H8804] , that they are many H6908 [H8762] : and ye gathered together H4325 the waters H8481 of the lower H1295 pool.
  10 H5608 [H8804] And ye have numbered H1004 the houses H3389 of Jerusalem H1004 , and the houses H5422 [H8799] have ye broken down H1219 [H8763] to fortify H2346 the wall.
  11 H6213 [H8804] Ye made H4724 also a ditch H2346 between the two walls H4325 for the water H3465 of the old H1295 pool H5027 [H8689] : but ye have not looked H6213 [H8802] to its maker H7200 [H8804] , neither had respect H3335 [H8802] to him that fashioned H7350 it long ago.
  12 H3117 And in that day H136 did the Lord H3069 GOD H6635 of hosts H7121 [H8799] call H1065 to weeping H4553 , and to mourning H7144 , and to baldness H2296 [H8800] , and to girding H8242 with sackcloth:
  13 H8342 And behold joy H8057 and gladness H2026 [H8800] , slaying H1241 oxen H7819 [H8800] , and killing H6629 sheep H398 [H8800] , eating H1320 flesh H8354 [H8800] , and drinking H3196 wine H398 [H8800] : let us eat H8354 [H8800] and drink H4279 ; for to morrow H4191 [H8799] we shall die.
  14 H1540 [H8738] And it was revealed H241 in my ears H3068 by the LORD H6635 of hosts H5771 , Surely this iniquity H3722 [H8792] shall not be purged H4191 [H8799] from you till ye die H559 [H8804] , saith H136 the Lord H3069 GOD H6635 of hosts.
  15 H559 [H8804] Thus saith H136 the Lord H3069 GOD H6635 of hosts H3212 [H8798] , Go H935 [H8798] , get H5532 [H8802] to this treasurer H7644 , even to Shebna H1004 , who is over the house, and say,
  16 H2672 [H8804] What hast thou here? and whom hast thou here, that thou hast hewed thee out H6913 a sepulchre H6311 here H2672 [H8802] , as he that heweth him out H6913 a sepulchre H4791 on high H2710 [H8802] , and that cut out H4908 an habitation H5553 for himself in a rock?
  17 H3068 Behold, the LORD H2904 [H8772] will carry thee away H1397 with a mighty H2925 captivity H5844 [H8800] , and will surely H5844 [H8802] cover thee.
  18 H6801 [H8800] With violence he will surely H6801 [H8799] turn H6802 and toss H1754 thee like a ball H7342 H3027 into a wide H776 country H4191 [H8799] : there shalt thou die H4818 , and there the chariots H3519 of thy glory H7036 shall be the shame H113 of thy lord's H1004 house.
  19 H1920 [H8804] And I will drive H4673 thee from thy station H4612 , and from thy state H2040 [H8799] shall he pull thee down.
  20 H3117 And it shall come to pass in that day H7121 [H8804] , that I will call H5650 my servant H471 Eliakim H1121 the son H2518 of Hilkiah:
  21 H3847 [H8689] And I will clothe H3801 him with thy robe H2388 [H8762] , and strengthen H73 him with thy belt H5414 [H8799] , and I will commit H4475 thy government H3027 into his hand H1 : and he shall be a father H3427 [H8802] to the inhabitants H3389 of Jerusalem H1004 , and to the house H3063 of Judah.
  22 H4668 And the key H1004 of the house H1732 of David H5414 [H8804] will I lay H7926 upon his shoulder H6605 [H8804] ; so he shall open H5462 [H8802] , and none shall shut H5462 [H8804] ; and he shall shut H6605 [H8802] , and none shall open.
  23 H8628 [H8804] And I will fasten H3489 him as a nail H539 [H8737] in a sure H4725 place H3519 ; and he shall be for a glorious H3678 throne H1 to his father's H1004 house.
  24 H8518 [H8804] And they shall hang H3519 upon him all the glory H1 of his father's H1004 house H6631 , the offspring H6849 and the issue H3627 , all vessels H6996 of small H3627 quantity, from the vessels H101 of cups H3627 , even to all the vessels H5035 of flagons.
  25 H3117 In that day H5002 [H8803] , saith H3068 the LORD H6635 of hosts H3489 , shall the nail H8628 [H8803] that is fastened H539 [H8737] in the sure H4725 place H4185 [H8799] be removed H1438 [H8738] , and be cut down H5307 [H8804] , and fall H4853 ; and the burden H3772 [H8738] that was upon it shall be cut off H3068 : for the LORD H1696 [H8765] hath spoken it.