Isaiah 1:23-26

  23 H8269 Thy princes H5637 [H8802] are rebellious H2270 , and companions H1590 of thieves H157 [H8802] : every one loveth H7810 bribes H7291 [H8802] , and followeth H8021 after rewards H8199 [H8799] : they judge H3490 not the fatherless H7379 , neither doth the cause H490 of the widow H935 [H8799] come to them.
  24 H5002 [H8803] Therefore saith H113 the Lord H3068 , the LORD H6635 of hosts H46 , the mighty One H3478 of Israel H1945 , Ah H5162 [H8735] , I will rid H6862 myself of my adversaries H5358 [H8735] , and avenge H341 [H8802] me of my enemies:
  25 H7725 [H8686] And I will turn H3027 my hand H1253 upon thee, and thoroughly H6884 [H8799] purge away H5509 thy dross H5493 [H8686] , and take away H913 all thy tin:
  26 H7725 [H8686] And I will restore H8199 [H8802] thy judges H7223 as at the first H3289 [H8802] , and thy counsellors H8462 as at the beginning H310 : afterward H7121 [H8735] thou shalt be called H5892 , The city H6664 of righteousness H539 [H8737] , the faithful H7151 city.