Isaiah 13:6-9

  6 H3213 [H8685] Wail H3117 ye; for the day H3068 of the LORD H7138 is at hand H935 [H8799] ; it shall come H7701 as a destruction H7706 from the Almighty.
  7 H3027 Therefore shall all hands H7503 [H8799] be faint H582 , and every man's H3824 heart H4549 [H8735] shall melt:
  8 H926 [H8738] And they shall be afraid H6735 : pangs H2256 and sorrows H270 [H8799] shall take hold H2342 [H8799] of them; they shall be in pain H3205 [H8802] as a woman that travaileth H8539 [H8799] : they shall be amazed H376 one H7453 at another H6440 ; their faces H3851 shall be as flames.
  9 H3117 Behold, the day H3068 of the LORD H935 [H8804] cometh H394 , cruel H5678 both with wrath H2740 and fierce H639 anger H7760 [H8800] , to lay H776 the land H8047 desolate H8045 [H8686] : and he shall destroy H2400 its sinners out of it.