Hebrews 10:26-30

  26 G1063 For G2257 if we G264 [G5723] sin G1596 wilfully G3326 after G2983 [G5629] we have received G1922 the knowledge G225 of the truth G620 [G5743] , there remaineth G3765 no more G2378 sacrifice G4012 for G266 sins,
  27 G1161 But G5100 a certain G5398 fearful G1561 expectation G2920 of judgment G2532 and G4442 fiery G2205 indignation G3195 [G5723] , which shall G2068 [G5721] devour G5227 the adversaries.
  28 G5100 He G114 [G5660] that despised G3475 Moses G3551 ' law G599 [G5719] died G5565 without G3628 compassions G1909 under G1417 two G2228 or G5140 three G3144 witnesses:
  29 G4214 Of how much G5501 more severe G5098 punishment G1380 [G5719] , suppose ye G515 [G5701] , shall he be thought worthy G3588 , who G2662 [G5660] hath trodden under foot G5207 the Son G2316 of God G2532 , and G2233 [G5666] hath counted G129 the blood G1242 of the covenant G3739 G1722 , by which G37 [G5681] he was sanctified G2839 , an unholy thing G2532 , and G1796 [G5660] hath done despite G4151 to the Spirit G5485 of grace?
  30 G1063 For G1492 [G5758] we know G2036 [G5631] him that hath said G1557 , Vengeance G1698 belongeth to me G1473 , I G467 [G5692] will recompense G3004 [G5719] , saith G2962 the Lord G2532 . And G3825 again G2962 , The Lord G2919 [G5692] shall judge G846 his G2992 people.