Ezra 7

  1 H310 Now after H1697 these things, H4438 in the reign H783 of Artaxerxes H4428 king H6539 of Persia, H5830 Ezra H1121 the son H8304 of Seraiah, H1121 the son H5838 of Azariah, H1121 the son H2518 of Hilkiah,
  2 H1121 The son H7967 of Shallum, H1121 the son H6659 of Zadok, H1121 the son H285 of Ahitub,
  3 H1121 The son H568 of Amariah, H1121 the son H5838 of Azariah, H1121 the son H4812 of Meraioth,
  4 H1121 The son H2228 of Zerahiah, H1121 the son H5813 of Uzzi, H1121 the son H1231 of Bukki,
  5 H1121 The son H50 of Abishua, H1121 the son H6372 of Phinehas, H1121 the son H499 of Eleazar, H1121 the son H175 of Aaron H7218 the chief H3548 priest:
  6 H5830 This Ezra H5927 [H8804] went H894 from Babylon; H5608 [H8802] and he was a scribe H4106 skilled H8451 in the law H4872 of Moses, H3068 which the LORD H430 God H3478 of Israel H5414 [H8804] had given: H4428 and the king H5414 [H8799] granted H1246 him all his request, H3027 according to the hand H3068 of the LORD H430 his God upon him.
  7 H5927 [H8799] And there went H1121 some of the sons H3478 of Israel, H3548 and of the priests, H3881 and the Levites, H7891 [H8789] and the singers, H7778 and the porters, H5411 and the Nethinims, H3389 to Jerusalem, H7651 in the seventh H8141 year H783 of Artaxerxes H4428 the king.
  8 H935 [H8799] And he came H3389 to Jerusalem H2549 in the fifth H2320 month, H7637 which was in the seventh H8141 year H4428 of the king.
  9 H259 For upon the first H7223 day of the first H2320 month H3246 he began H4609 to go H894 from Babylon, H259 and on the first H2549 day of the fifth H2320 month H935 [H8804] he came H3389 to Jerusalem, H2896 according to the good H3027 hand H430 of his God upon him.
  10 H5830 For Ezra H3559 [H8689] had prepared H3824 his heart H1875 [H8800] to seek H8451 the law H3068 of the LORD, H6213 [H8800] and to do H3925 [H8763] it, and to teach H3478 in Israel H2706 statutes H4941 and judgments.
  11 H6572 Now this is the copy H5406 of the letter H4428 that the king H783 Artaxerxes H5414 [H8804] gave H5830 to Ezra H3548 the priest, H5608 [H8802] the scribe, H5608 [H8802] even a scribe H1697 of the words H4687 of the commandments H3068 of the LORD, H2706 and of his statutes H3478 to Israel.
  12 H783 Artaxerxes, H4430 king H4430 of kings, H5831 to Ezra H3549 the priest, H5613 a scribe H1882 of the law H426 of the God H8065 of heaven, H1585 [H8752] perfect H3706 peace, and now.
  13 H4481 I H7761 [H8752] make H2942 a decree, H3606 that all H4481 they of H5972 the people H3479 of Israel, H3549 and of his priests H3879 and Levites, H4437 in my realm, H5069 [H8723] who are disposed of their own freewill H1946 [H8749] to go H3390 to Jerusalem, H1946 [H8748] go H5974 with thee.
  14 H1768 H6903 Forasmuch H3606 as H7972 [H8750] thou art sent H4481 H6925 by H4430 the king, H7655 and by his seven H3272 [H8750] counsellors, H1240 [H8742] to enquire H5922 concerning H3061 Judah H3390 and Jerusalem, H1882 according to the law H426 of thy God H3028 which is in thy hand;
  15 H2987 [H8682] And to carry H3702 the silver H1722 and gold, H4430 which the king H3272 [H8750] and his counsellors H5069 [H8724] have freely offered H426 to the God H3479 of Israel, H1768 whose H4907 habitation H3390 is in Jerusalem,
  16 H3606 And all H3702 the silver H1722 and gold H7912 [H8681] that thou canst find H3606 in all H4083 the province H895 of Babylon, H5974 with H5069 [H8722] the freewill offering H5972 of the people, H3549 and of the priests, H5069 [H8723] offering willingly H1005 for the house H426 of their God H3390 which is in Jerusalem:
  17 H3606 H6903 That H7066 [H8748] thou mayest buy H629 speedily H1836 with this H3702 money H8450 bulls, H1798 rams, H563 lambs, H4504 with their meat offerings H5261 and their drink offerings, H7127 [H8741] and offer H1994 them H5922 upon H4056 the altar H1005 of the house H426 of your God H3390 which is in Jerusalem.
  18 H4101 H1768 And whatever H3191 [H8748] shall seem good H5922 to thee, and to H252 thy brethren, H5648 [H8749] to do H7606 with the rest H3702 of the silver H1722 and gold, H5648 [H8748] that do H7470 after the will H426 of your God.
  19 H3984 The vessels H3052 [H8727] also that are given H6402 thee for the service H1005 of the house H426 of thy God, H8000 [H8680] those restore H6925 thou before H426 the God H3390 of Jerusalem.
  20 H7606 And whatever more H2819 shall be needful H1005 for the house H426 of thy God, H5308 [H8748] which thou shalt have occasion H5415 [H8749] to bestow, H5415 [H8748] bestow H4481 it out of H4430 the king's H1596 treasure H1005 house.
  21 H4481 And I, H576 even I H783 Artaxerxes H4430 the king, H7761 [H8752] do make H2942 a decree H3606 to all H1490 the treasurers H5675 who are beyond H5103 the river, H5831 that whatever Ezra H3549 the priest, H5613 the scribe H1882 of the law H426 of the God H8065 of heaven, H7593 [H8748] shall require H5648 [H8725] of you, it be done H629 speedily,
  22 H5705 To H3969 an hundred H3604 talents H3702 of silver, H3969 and to an hundred H3734 measures H2591 of wheat, H3969 and to an hundred H1325 baths H2562 of wine, H3969 and to an hundred H1325 baths H4887 of oil, H4416 and salt H3809 without H3792 prescribing how much.
  23 H3606 Whatever H2941 H4481 is commanded by H426 the God H8065 of heaven, H149 let it be diligently H5648 [H8725] done H1005 for the house H426 of the God H8065 of heaven: H1768 for H4101 why H1934 [H8748] should there be H7109 wrath H5922 against H4437 the realm H4430 of the king H1123 and his sons?
  24 H3046 [H8683] Also we inform H3606 you, that concerning any H3549 of the priests H3879 and Levites, H2171 singers, H8652 porters, H5412 Nethinims, H6399 [H8750] or ministers H1836 of this H1005 house H426 of God, H3809 it shall not H7990 be lawful H7412 [H8749] to impose H4061 toll, H1093 tribute, H1983 or custom, H5922 upon them.
  25 H607 And thou, H5831 Ezra, H2452 after the wisdom H426 of thy God, H3028 that is in thy hand, H4483 [H8740] set H8200 [H8751] magistrates H1782 and judges, H1934 H1778 [H8748] who may judge H3606 all H5972 the people H5675 that are beyond H5103 the river, H3606 all H3046 [H8751] such as know H1882 the laws H426 of thy God; H3046 [H8681] and teach H3046 [H8751] ye them that know H3809 them not.
  26 H3606 And whoever H3809 will not H1934 H5648 [H8748] do H1882 the law H426 of thy God, H1882 and the law H4430 of the king, H1780 let judgment H1934 [H8748] be H5648 [H8727] executed H629 speedily H4481 upon him, H2006 whether H4193 it be to death, H2006 or H8332 to banishment, H2006 or H6065 to confiscation H5232 of goods, H613 or to imprisonment.
  27 H1288 [H8803] Blessed H3068 be the LORD H430 God H1 of our fathers, H5414 [H8804] who hath put H4428 such a thing as this in the king's H3820 heart, H6286 [H8763] to beautify H1004 the house H3068 of the LORD H3389 which is in Jerusalem:
  28 H5186 [H8689] And hath extended H2617 mercy H6440 to me at the face of H4428 the king, H3289 [H8802] and his counsellors, H4428 and before all the king's H1368 mighty H8269 princes. H2388 [H8694] And I was strengthened H3027 as the hand H3068 of the LORD H430 my God H6908 [H8799] was upon me, and I gathered H3478 out of Israel H7218 chief men H5927 [H8800] to go up with me.