Ezra 5:17

  17 H3705 Now H2006 therefore, if H2869 it seemeth good H5922 to H4430 the king, H1240 [H8721] let there be search H4430 made in the king's H1596 treasure H1005 house, H8536 which is there H895 at Babylon, H2006 whether H383 it is H2942 so, that a decree H7761 [H8752] was made H4481 by H3567 Cyrus H4430 the king H1124 [H8749] to build H1791 this H1005 house H426 of God H3390 at Jerusalem, H4430 and let the king H7972 [H8748] send H7470 his pleasure H5922 to us concerning H1836 this matter.