Ezra 10

  1 H5830 Now when Ezra H6419 [H8692] had prayed, H3034 [H8692] and when he had confessed, H1058 [H8802] weeping H5307 [H8693] and casting himself down H6440 at the face of H1004 the house H430 of God, H6908 [H8738] there assembled H3478 to him out of Israel H3966 a very H7227 great H6951 congregation H582 of men H802 and women H3206 and children: H5971 for the people H1058 [H8804] wept H7235 [H8687] very H1059 bitterly.
  2 H7935 And Shechaniah H1121 the son H3171 of Jehiel, H1121 one of the sons H5867 of Elam, H6030 [H8799] answered H559 [H8799] and said H5830 to Ezra, H4603 [H8804] We have trespassed H430 against our God, H3427 [H8686] and have taken H5237 foreign H802 wives H5971 of the people H776 of the land: H3426 yet now there is H4723 hope H3478 in Israel concerning this thing.
  3 H3772 [H8799] Now therefore let us make H1285 a covenant H430 with our God H3318 [H8687] to put away H802 all the wives, H3205 [H8737] and such as are born H6098 of them, according to the counsel H136 of my lord, H2730 and of those that tremble H4687 at the commandment H430 of our God; H6213 [H8735] and let it be done H8451 according to the law.
  4 H6965 [H8798] Arise; H1697 for this matter H2388 [H8798] belongeth to thee: we also will be with thee: be of good courage, H6213 [H8798] and do it.
  5 H6965 [H8799] Then arose H5830 Ezra, H8269 and made the chief H3548 priests, H3881 the Levites, H3478 and all Israel, H7650 [H8686] to swear H6213 [H8800] that they should do H1697 according to this word. H7650 [H8735] And they swore.
  6 H5830 Then Ezra H6965 [H8799] arose H6440 from the face of H1004 the house H430 of God, H3212 [H8799] and went H3957 into the chamber H3076 of Johanan H1121 the son H475 of Eliashib: H3212 [H8799] and when he came H398 [H8804] there, he ate H3899 no bread, H8354 [H8804] nor drank H4325 water: H56 [H8693] for he mourned H4604 because of the treachery H1473 of them that had been carried away.
  7 H5674 H6963 [H8686] And they made proclamation H3063 throughout Judah H3389 and Jerusalem H1121 to all the sons H1473 of the captivity, H6908 [H8736] that they should gather H3389 at Jerusalem;
  8 H935 [H8799] And that whoever would not come H7969 within three H3117 days, H6098 according to the counsel H8269 of the princes H2205 and the elders, H7399 all his substance H2763 [H8714] should be secluded, H914 [H8735] and himself separated H6951 from the congregation H1473 of those that had been carried away.
  9 H582 Then all the men H3063 of Judah H1144 and Benjamin H6908 [H8735] gathered H3389 at Jerusalem H7969 within three H3117 days. H8671 It was the ninth H2320 month, H6242 and the twentieth H2320 day of the month; H5971 and all the people H3427 [H8799] sat H7339 in the street H1004 of the house H430 of God, H7460 [H8688] trembling H1697 because of this matter, H1653 and for the great rain.
  10 H5830 And Ezra H3548 the priest H6965 [H8799] stood up, H559 [H8799] and said H4603 [H8804] to them, Ye have transgressed, H3427 [H8686] and have taken H5237 foreign H802 wives, H3254 [H8687] to increase H819 the guilt H3478 of Israel.
  11 H5414 [H8798] Now therefore make H8426 confession H3068 to the LORD H430 God H1 of your fathers, H6213 [H8798] and do H7522 his pleasure: H914 [H8734] and separate H5971 yourselves from the people H776 of the land, H5237 and from the foreign H802 wives.
  12 H6951 Then all the congregation H6030 [H8799] answered H559 [H8799] and said H1419 with a loud H6963 voice, H1697 As thou hast said, H6213 [H8800] so must we do.
  13 H61 But H5971 the people H7227 are many, H6256 and it is a time H1653 of much rain, H3581 and we are not able H5975 [H8800] to stand H2351 abroad, H4399 neither is this a work H259 of one H3117 day H8147 or two: H7235 [H8689] for we are many H6586 [H8800] that have transgressed H1697 in this thing.
  14 H8269 Let now our rulers H6951 of all the congregation H5975 [H8799] stand, H3427 [H8689] and let all them who have taken H5237 foreign H802 wives H5892 in our cities H935 [H8799] come H2163 [H8794] at appointed H6256 times, H2205 and with them the elders H5892 of every city, H8199 [H8802] and the judges, H2740 until the burning H639 anger H430 of our God H1697 for this matter H7725 [H8687] shall be turned from us.
  15 H3129 Only Jonathan H1121 the son H6214 of Asahel H3167 and Jahaziah H1121 the son H8616 of Tikvah H5975 [H8804] were employed H4918 about this matter: and Meshullam H7678 and Shabbethai H3881 the Levite H5826 [H8804] helped them.
  16 H1121 And the sons H1473 of the captivity H6213 [H8799] did so. H5830 And Ezra H3548 the priest, H582 with certain H7218 heads H1 of the fathers, H1004 after the house H1 of their fathers, H8034 and all of them by their names, H914 [H8735] were separated, H3427 [H8799] and sat down H259 in the first H3117 day H6224 of the tenth H2320 month H1875 [H8800] to examine H1697 the matter.
  17 H3615 [H8762] And they finished H582 with all the men H3427 [H8689] that had taken H5237 foreign H802 wives H259 by the first H3117 day H7223 of the first H2320 month.
  18 H1121 And among the sons H3548 of the priests H4672 [H8735] there were found H3427 [H8689] that had taken H5237 foreign H802 wives: H1121 namely, of the sons H3442 of Jeshua H1121 the son H3136 of Jozadak, H251 and his brethren; H4641 Maaseiah, H461 and Eliezer, H3402 and Jarib, H1436 and Gedaliah.
  19 H5414 [H8799] And they gave H3027 their hands H3318 [H8687] that they would put away H802 their wives; H818 and being guilty, H352 they offered a ram H6629 of the flock H819 for their guilt.
  20 H1121 And of the sons H564 of Immer; H2607 Hanani, H2069 and Zebadiah.
  21 H1121 And of the sons H2766 of Harim; H4641 Maaseiah, H452 and Elijah, H8098 and Shemaiah, H3171 and Jehiel, H5818 and Uzziah.
  22 H1121 And of the sons H6583 of Pashur; H454 Elioenai, H4641 Maaseiah, H3458 Ishmael, H5417 Nethaneel, H3107 Jozabad, H501 and Elasah.
  23 H3881 Also of the Levites; H3107 Jozabad, H8096 and Shimei, H7041 and Kelaiah, H7042 (the same is Kelita, H6611 ) Pethahiah, H3063 Judah, H461 and Eliezer.
  24 H7891 [H8789] Of the singers H475 also; Eliashib: H7778 and of the porters; H7967 Shallum, H2928 and Telem, H221 and Uri.
  25 H3478 Moreover of Israel: H1121 of the sons H6551 of Parosh; H7422 Ramiah, H3150 and Jeziah, H4441 and Malchiah, H4326 and Miamin, H499 and Eleazar, H4441 and Malchijah, H1141 and Benaiah.
  26 H1121 And of the sons H5867 of Elam; H4983 Mattaniah, H2148 Zechariah, H3171 and Jehiel, H5660 and Abdi, H3406 and Jeremoth, H452 and Eliah.
  27 H1121 And of the sons H2240 of Zattu; H454 Elioenai, H475 Eliashib, H4983 Mattaniah, H3406 and Jeremoth, H2066 and Zabad, H5819 and Aziza.
  28 H1121 Of the sons H893 also of Bebai; H3076 Jehohanan, H2608 Hananiah, H2140 H2079 [H8675] Zabbai, H6270 and Athlai.
  29 H1121 And of the sons H1137 of Bani; H4918 Meshullam, H4409 Malluch, H5718 and Adaiah, H3437 Jashub, H7594 and Sheal, H7433 and Ramoth.
  30 H1121 And of the sons H6355 of Pahathmoab; H5733 Adna, H3636 and Chelal, H1141 Benaiah, H4641 Maaseiah, H4983 Mattaniah, H1212 Bezaleel, H1131 and Binnui, H4519 and Manasseh.
  31 H1121 And of the sons H2766 of Harim; H461 Eliezer, H3449 Ishijah, H4441 Malchiah, H8098 Shemaiah, H8095 Shimeon,
  32 H1144 Benjamin, H4409 Malluch, H8114 and Shemariah.
  33 H1121 Of the sons H2828 of Hashum; H4982 Mattenai, H4992 Mattathah, H2066 Zabad, H467 Eliphelet, H3413 Jeremai, H4519 Manasseh, H8096 and Shimei.
  34 H1121 Of the sons H1137 of Bani; H4572 Maadai, H6019 Amram, H177 and Uel,
  35 H1141 Benaiah, H912 Bedeiah, H3622 Chelluh,
  36 H2057 Vaniah, H4822 Meremoth, H475 Eliashib,
  37 H4983 Mattaniah, H4982 Mattenai, H3299 and Jaasau,
  38 H1137 And Bani, H1131 and Binnui, H8096 Shimei,
  39 H8018 And Shelemiah, H5416 and Nathan, H5718 and Adaiah,
  40 H4367 Machnadebai, H8343 Shashai, H8298 Sharai,
  41 H5832 Azareel, H8018 and Shelemiah, H8114 Shemariah,
  42 H7967 Shallum, H568 Amariah, H3130 and Joseph.
  43 H1121 Of the sons H5015 of Nebo; H3273 Jeiel, H4993 Mattithiah, H2066 Zabad, H2081 Zebina, H3035 Jadau, H3100 and Joel, H1141 Benaiah.
  44 H5375 H5375 [H8804] All these had taken H5237 foreign H802 wives: H3426 and some of them had H802 wives H7760 [H8799] by whom they had H1121 sons.