Ezekiel 7

  1 H1697 Moreover the word H3068 of the LORD H559 [H8800] came to me, saying,
  2 H1121 Also, thou son H120 of man, H559 [H8804] thus saith H136 the Lord H3069 GOD H127 to the land H3478 of Israel; H7093 An end, H7093 the end H935 [H8804] is come H702 upon the four H3671 corners H776 of the land.
  3 H7093 Now is the end H7971 [H8765] come upon thee, and I will send H639 my anger H8199 [H8804] upon thee, and will judge H1870 thee according to thy ways, H5414 [H8804] and will recompense H8441 upon thee all thy abominations.
  4 H5869 And my eye H2347 [H8799] shall not spare H2550 [H8799] thee, neither will I have pity: H5414 [H8799] but I will recompense H1870 thy ways H8441 upon thee, and thy abominations H8432 shall be in the midst H3045 [H8804] of thee: and ye shall know H3068 that I am the LORD.
  5 H559 [H8804] Thus saith H136 the Lord H3069 GOD; H7451 An evil, H259 an only H7451 evil, H935 [H8802] behold, is come.
  6 H7093 An end H935 [H8804] is come, H7093 the end H935 [H8804] is come: H6974 [H8689] it watcheth H935 [H8802] for thee; behold, it is come.
  7 H6843 The morning H935 [H8804] is come H3427 [H8802] upon thee, O thou that dwellest H776 in the land: H6256 the time H935 H935 [H8804] is come, H3117 the day H4103 of trouble H7138 is near, H1906 and not the joyful shouting H2022 upon the mountains.
  8 H7138 Now will I shortly H8210 [H8799] pour out H2534 my fury H3615 [H8765] upon thee, and accomplish H639 my anger H8199 [H8804] upon thee: and I will judge H1870 thee according to thy ways, H5414 [H8804] and will recompense H8441 thee for all thy abominations.
  9 H5869 And my eye H2347 [H8799] shall not spare, H2550 [H8799] neither will I have pity: H5414 [H8799] I will recompense H1870 thee according to thy ways H8441 and thy abominations H8432 that are in the midst H3045 [H8804] of thee; and ye shall know H3068 that I am the LORD H5221 [H8688] that smiteth.
  10 H3117 Behold the day, H935 [H8802] behold, it is come: H6843 the morning H3318 [H8804] is gone forth; H4294 the rod H6692 [H8804] hath blossomed, H2087 pride H6524 [H8804] hath budded.
  11 H2555 Violence H6965 [H8804] hath risen H4294 into a rod H7562 of wickedness: H1995 none of them shall remain, nor of their multitude, H1991 nor of any H5089 of theirs: neither shall there be wailing for them.
  12 H6256 The time H935 [H8804] is come, H3117 the day H5060 [H8689] draweth near: H7069 [H8802] let not the buyer H8055 [H8799] rejoice, H4376 [H8802] nor the seller H56 [H8691] mourn: H2740 for wrath H1995 is upon all their multitude.
  13 H4376 [H8802] For the seller H7725 [H8799] shall not return H4465 to that which is sold, H2416 although they were yet alive: H2377 for the vision H1995 is concerning their whole multitude, H7725 [H8799] who shall not return; H376 neither shall any H2388 [H8691] strengthen H5771 himself in the iniquity H2416 of his life.
  14 H8628 [H8804] They have blown H8619 the trumpet, H3559 [H8687] even to make all ready; H1980 [H8802] but none goeth H4421 to the battle: H2740 for my wrath H1995 is upon all their multitude.
  15 H2719 The sword H2351 is without, H1698 and the pestilence H7458 and the famine H1004 within: H7704 he that is in the field H4191 [H8799] shall die H2719 with the sword; H5892 and he that is in the city, H7458 famine H1698 and pestilence H398 [H8799] shall devour him.
  16 H6403 [H8804] But they that escape H6412 of them shall escape, H2022 and shall be on the mountains H3123 like doves H1516 of the valleys, H1993 [H8802] all of them mourning, H376 every one H5771 for his iniquity.
  17 H3027 All hands H7503 [H8799] shall be feeble, H1290 and all knees H3212 [H8799] shall be weak H4325 as water.
  18 H2296 [H8804] They shall also gird H8242 themselves with sackcloth, H6427 and horror H3680 [H8765] shall cover H955 them; and shame H6440 shall be upon all faces, H7144 and baldness H7218 upon all their heads.
  19 H7993 [H8686] They shall cast H3701 their silver H2351 in the streets, H2091 and their gold H5079 shall be removed: H3701 their silver H2091 and their gold H3201 [H8799] shall not be able H5337 [H8687] to deliver H3117 them in the day H5678 of the wrath H3068 of the LORD: H7646 [H8762] they shall not satisfy H5315 their souls, H4390 [H8762] neither fill H4578 their stomachs: H4383 because it is the stumblingblock H5771 of their iniquity.
  20 H6643 As for the beauty H5716 of his ornament, H7760 [H8804] he set H1347 it in majesty: H6213 [H8804] but they made H6754 the images H8441 of their abominations H8251 and of their detestable things H5414 [H8804] in it: therefore have I set H5079 it far from them.
  21 H5414 [H8804] And I will give H3027 it into the hands H2114 [H8801] of the strangers H957 for a prey, H7563 and to the wicked H776 of the earth H7998 for a spoil; H2490 [H8765] and they shall pollute it.
  22 H6440 My face H5437 [H8689] will I turn H2490 [H8765] also from them, and they shall pollute H6845 [H8803] my secret H6530 place: for the robbers H935 [H8804] shall enter H2490 [H8765] into it, and defile it.
  23 H6213 [H8798] Make H7569 a chain: H776 for the land H4390 [H8804] is full H1818 of bloody H4941 crimes, H5892 and the city H4390 [H8804] is full H2555 of violence.
  24 H935 [H8689] Therefore I will bring H7451 the worst H1471 of the heathen, H3423 [H8804] and they shall possess H1004 their houses: H1347 I will also make the pomp H5794 of the strong H7673 [H8689] to cease; H6942 [H8764] and their holy places H2490 H5157 [H8738] shall be defiled.
  25 H7089 Destruction H935 [H8804] cometh; H1245 [H8765] and they shall seek H7965 peace, and there shall be none.
  26 H1943 Mischief H935 [H8799] shall come H1943 upon mischief, H8052 and rumour H8052 shall be upon rumour; H1245 [H8765] then shall they seek H2377 a vision H5030 of the prophet; H8451 but the law H6 [H8799] shall perish H3548 from the priest, H6098 and counsel H2205 from the elders.
  27 H4428 The king H56 [H8691] shall mourn, H5387 and the prince H3847 [H8799] shall be clothed H8077 with desolation, H3027 and the hands H5971 of the people H776 of the land H926 [H8735] shall be troubled: H6213 [H8799] I will do H1870 to them after their way, H4941 and according to their deserts H8199 [H8799] will I judge H3045 [H8804] them; and they shall know H3068 that I am the LORD.