Ezekiel 31:14

  14 H6086 To the end that none of all the trees H4325 by the waters H1361 [H8799] exalt H6967 themselves for their height, H5414 [H8799] neither shoot up H6788 their top H5688 among the thick boughs, H352 neither their trees H5975 [H8799] stand up H1363 in their height, H8354 [H8802] all that drink H4325 water: H5414 [H8738] for they are all delivered H4194 to death, H8482 to the lower parts H776 of the earth, H8432 in the midst H1121 of the sons H120 of men, H3381 [H8802] with them that go down H953 to the hole.