Ezekiel 23:5-9

  5 H170 And Aholah H2181 [H8799] played the harlot H8478 when she was mine; H5689 [H8799] and she doted H157 [H8764] on her lovers, H804 on the Assyrians H7138 her neighbours,
  6 H3847 [H8803] Who were clothed H8504 with blue, H6346 captains H5461 and rulers, H2531 all of them desirable H970 young men, H6571 horsemen H7392 [H8802] riding H5483 upon horses.
  7 H5414 [H8799] Thus she committed H8457 her harlotries H4005 with them, with all them that were the chosen H1121 men H804 of Assyria, H5689 [H8804] and with all on whom she doted: H1544 with all their idols H2930 [H8738] she defiled herself.
  8 H5800 [H8804] Neither left H8457 she her harlotries H4714 brought from Egypt: H5271 for in her youth H7901 [H8804] they lay H6213 [H8765] with her, and they bruised H1717 the breasts H1331 of her virginity, H8210 [H8799] and poured H8457 their harlotry upon her.
  9 H5414 [H8804] Therefore I have given H3027 her into the hand H157 [H8764] of her lovers, H3027 into the hand H1121 H804 of the Assyrians, H5689 [H8804] upon whom she doted.