Exodus 35:5-19

  5 H3947 [H8798] Take H8641 ye from among you an offering H3068 to the LORD: H3605 whoever H5081 is of a willing H3820 heart, H935 [H8686] let him bring H8641 it, an offering H3068 of the LORD; H2091 gold, H3701 and silver, H5178 and brass,
  6 H8504 And blue, H713 and purple, H8144 H8438 and scarlet, H8336 and fine linen, H5795 and goats' hair,
  7 H352 And rams' H5785 skins H119 [H8794] dyed red, H8476 and badgers' H5785 skins, H7848 and shittim H6086 wood,
  8 H8081 And oil H3974 for the light, H1314 and spices H4888 for anointing H8081 oil, H5561 and for the sweet H7004 incense,
  9 H7718 And onyx H68 stones, H68 and stones H4394 to be set H646 for the ephod, H2833 and for the breastplate.
  10 H2450 And every wise H3820 hearted H935 [H8799] among you shall come, H6213 [H8799] and make H3068 all that the LORD H6680 [H8765] hath commanded;
  11 H4908 The tabernacle, H168 its tent, H4372 and its covering, H7165 its clasps, H7175 and its boards, H1280 its bars, H5982 its pillars, H134 and its sockets,
  12 H727 The ark, H905 and its staffs, H3727 with the atonement cover, H6532 and the veil H4539 of the covering,
  13 H7979 The table, H905 and its staffs, H3627 and all its vessels, H6440 H3899 and the showbread,
  14 H4501 The lampstand H3974 also for the light, H3627 and its furniture, H5216 and its lamps, H8081 with the oil H3974 for the light,
  15 H7004 And the incense H4196 altar, H905 and its staffs, H4888 and the anointing H8081 oil, H5561 and the sweet H7004 incense, H4539 and the hanging H6607 for the door at the entrance H4908 of the tabernacle,
  16 H4196 The altar H5930 of burnt offering, H5178 with its brasen H4345 grate, H905 its staffs, H3627 and all its vessels, H3595 the laver H3653 and its foot,
  17 H7050 The hangings H2691 of the court, H5982 its pillars, H134 and their sockets, H4539 and the hanging H8179 for the door H2691 of the court,
  18 H3489 The pins H4908 of the tabernacle, H3489 and the pins H2691 of the court, H4340 and their cords,
  19 H899 The cloths H8278 of service, H8334 [H8763] to do service H6944 in the holy H6944 place, the holy H899 garments H175 for Aaron H3548 the priest, H899 and the garments H1121 of his sons, H3547 [H8763] to minister in the priest's office.
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