Esther 3:12

  12 H4428 Then were the king's H5608 [H8802] scribes H7121 [H8735] called H7969 H6240 on the thirteenth H3117 day H7223 of the first H2320 month, H3789 [H8735] and there was written H2001 according to all that Haman H6680 [H8765] had commanded H4428 to the king's H323 satraps, H6346 and to the governors H4082 that were over every province, H8269 and to the princes H5971 of every people H4082 of every province H3791 according to the writing H5971 of it, and to every people H3956 after their language; H8034 in the name H4428 of king H325 Ahasuerus H3789 [H8737] was it written, H2856 [H8738] and sealed H4428 with the king's H2885 ring.