Deuteronomy 32

  1 H238 [H8685] Give ear H8064 , O ye heavens H1696 [H8762] , and I will speak H8085 [H8799] ; and hear H776 , O earth H561 , the words H6310 of my mouth.
  2 H3948 My doctrine H6201 [H8799] shall drop H4306 as the rain H565 , my speech H5140 [H8799] shall distil H2919 as the dew H8164 , as the small rain H1877 upon the tender herb H7241 , and as the showers H6212 upon the grass:
  3 H7121 [H8799] Because I will proclaim H8034 the name H3068 of the LORD H3051 [H8798] : ascribe H1433 ye greatness H430 to our God.
  4 H6697 He is the Rock H6467 , his work H8549 is perfect H1870 : for all his ways H4941 are judgment H410 : a God H530 of truth H5766 and without iniquity H6662 , just H3477 and right is he.
  5 H7843 [H8765] They have corrupted H3971 themselves, their spot H1121 is not the spot of his children H6141 : they are a perverse H6618 and crooked H1755 generation.
  6 H1580 [H8799] Do ye thus repay H3068 the LORD H5036 , O foolish H5971 people H2450 and unwise H1 ? is not he thy father H7069 [H8804] that hath bought H6213 [H8804] thee? hath he not made H3559 [H8787] thee, and established thee?
  7 H2142 [H8798] Remember H3117 the days H5769 of old H995 [H8798] , consider H8141 the years H1755 of many H1755 generations H7592 [H8798] : ask H1 thy father H5046 [H8686] , and he will show H2205 thee; thy elders H559 [H8799] , and they will tell thee.
  8 H5945 When the most High H5157 0 divided H1471 to the nations H5157 [H8687] their inheritance H6504 [H8687] , when he separated H1121 the sons H120 of Adam H5324 [H8686] , he set H1367 the bounds H5971 of the people H4557 according to the number H1121 of the children H3478 of Israel.
  9 H3068 For the LORD'S H2506 portion H5971 is his people H3290 ; Jacob H2256 is the lot H5159 of his inheritance.
  10 H4672 [H8799] He found H4057 him in a desert H776 land H8414 , and in the waste H3214 howling H3452 wilderness H5437 [H8779] ; he led him about H995 [H8787] , he instructed H5341 [H8799] him, he kept H380 him as the apple H5869 of his eye.
  11 H5404 As an eagle H5782 [H8686] stirreth up H7064 her nest H7363 [H8762] , fluttereth H1469 over her young H6566 [H8799] , spreadeth abroad H3671 her wings H3947 [H8799] , taketh H5375 [H8799] them, beareth H84 them on her wings:
  12 H3068 So the LORD H910 alone H5148 [H8686] did lead H5236 him, and there was no strange H410 god with him.
  13 H7392 [H8686] He made him ride H1116 on the high places H776 of the earth H398 [H8799] , that he might eat H8570 the increase H7704 of the fields H3243 [H8686] ; and he made him to suck H1706 honey H5553 out of the rock H8081 , and oil H2496 out of the flinty H6697 rock;
  14 H2529 Butter H1241 of cattle H2461 , and milk H6629 of sheep H2459 , with fat H3733 of lambs H352 , and rams H1121 of the breed H1316 of Bashan H6260 , and goats H2459 , with the fat H3629 of kidneys H2406 of wheat H8354 [H8799] ; and thou didst drink H2561 the pure H1818 blood H6025 of the grape.
  15 H3484 But Jeshurun H8080 [H8799] grew fat H1163 [H8799] , and kicked H8080 [H8804] : thou hast become fat H5666 [H8804] , thou art grown thick H3780 [H8804] , thou art covered H5203 [H8799] with fatness; then he forsook H433 God H6213 [H8804] who made H5034 [H8762] him, and lightly esteemed H6697 the Rock H3444 of his salvation.
  16 H7065 [H8686] They provoked him to jealousy H2114 [H8801] with strange H8441 gods, with abominations H3707 [H8686] they provoked him to anger.
  17 H2076 [H8799] They sacrificed H7700 to demons H433 , not to God H430 ; to gods H3045 [H8804] which they knew H2319 not, to new H935 0 gods that came H7138 newly H935 [H8804] up H1 , whom your fathers H8175 [H8804] feared not.
  18 H6697 Of the Rock H3205 [H8804] that begat H7876 [H8799] thee thou art unmindful H7911 [H8799] , and hast forgotten H410 God H2342 [H8789] that formed thee.
  19 H3068 And when the LORD H7200 [H8799] saw H5006 [H8799] it, he abhorred H3708 them, because of the provoking H1121 of his sons H1323 , and of his daughters.
  20 H559 [H8799] And he said H5641 [H8686] , I will hide H6440 my face H7200 [H8799] from them, I will see H319 what their end H8419 shall be: for they are a very perverse H1755 generation H1121 , children H529 in whom is no faith.
  21 H7065 [H8765] They have moved me to jealousy H3808 with that which is not H410 God H3707 [H8765] ; they have provoked me to anger H1892 with their vanities H7065 [H8686] : and I will move them to jealousy H5971 with those who are not a people H3707 [H8686] ; I will provoke them to anger H5036 with a foolish H1471 nation.
  22 H784 For a fire H6919 [H8804] is kindled H639 in my anger H3344 [H8799] , and shall burn H8482 to the lowest H7585 hell H398 [H8799] , and shall consume H776 the earth H2981 with her increase H3857 [H8762] , and set on fire H4144 the foundations H2022 of the mountains.
  23 H5595 [H8686] I will heap H7451 mischiefs H3615 [H8762] upon them; I will spend H2671 my arrows upon them.
  24 H4198 They shall be burnt H7458 with hunger H3898 [H8803] , and devoured H7565 with burning heat H4815 , and with bitter H6986 destruction H7971 [H8762] : I will also send H8127 the teeth H929 of beasts H2534 upon them, with the poison H2119 [H8801] of serpents H6083 of the dust.
  25 H2719 The sword H2351 without H367 , and terror H2315 within H7921 [H8762] , shall destroy H970 both the young man H1330 and the virgin H3243 [H8802] , the suckling H376 also with the man H7872 of gray hairs.
  26 H559 [H8804] I said H6284 [H8686] , I would scatter them into corners H2143 , I would make the remembrance H7673 [H8686] of them to cease H582 from among men:
  27 H3884 Were it not H1481 [H8799] that I feared H3708 the wrath H341 [H8802] of the enemy H6862 , lest their adversaries H5234 [H8762] should behave themselves strangely H559 [H8799] , and lest they should say H3027 , Our hand H7311 [H8804] is high H3068 , and the LORD H6466 [H8804] hath not done all this.
  28 H1471 For they are a nation H6 [H8802] void H6098 of counsel H8394 , neither is there any understanding in them.
  29 H3863 O that H2449 [H8804] they were wise H7919 [H8686] , that they understood H995 [H8799] this, that they would consider H319 their latter end!
  30 H259 How should one H7291 [H8799] chase H505 a thousand H8147 , and two H7233 put ten H505 thousand H5127 [H8686] to flight H3808 , except H6697 their Rock H4376 [H8804] had sold H3588 them H3068 , and the LORD H5462 [H8689] had shut them up?
  31 H6697 For their rock H6697 is not as our Rock H341 [H8802] , even our enemies H6414 themselves being judges.
  32 H1612 For their vine H1612 is of the vine H5467 of Sodom H7709 , and of the fields H6017 of Gomorrah H6025 : their grapes H6025 are grapes H7219 of gall H811 , their clusters H4846 are bitter:
  33 H3196 Their wine H2534 is the poison H8577 of dragons H393 , and the cruel H7219 venom H6620 of asps.
  34 H3647 [H8803] Is not this laid up in store H2856 [H8803] with me, and sealed up H214 among my treasures?
  35 H5359 To me belongeth vengeance H8005 , and recompence H7272 ; their foot H4131 [H8799] shall slide H6256 in due time H3117 : for the day H343 of their calamity H7138 is at hand H6264 , and the things that shall come H2363 [H8804] upon them make haste.
  36 H3068 For the LORD H1777 [H8799] shall judge H5971 his people H5162 [H8691] , and repent H5650 for his servants H7200 [H8799] , when he seeth H3027 that their power H235 [H8804] is gone H657 , and there is none H6113 [H8803] shut up H5800 [H8803] , or left.
  37 H559 [H8804] And he shall say H430 , Where are their gods H6697 , their rock H2620 [H8804] in whom they trusted,
  38 H398 [H8799] Which ate H2459 the fat H2077 of their sacrifices H8354 [H8799] , and drank H3196 the wine H5257 of their drink offerings H6965 [H8799] ? let them rise up H5826 [H8799] and help H5643 you, and be your protection.
  39 H7200 [H8798] See H430 now that I, even I, am he, and there is no god H4191 [H8686] with me: I kill H2421 [H8762] , and I make alive H4272 [H8804] ; I wound H7495 [H8799] , and I heal H5337 [H8688] : neither is there any that can deliver H3027 out of my hand.
  40 H5375 [H8799] For I lift up H3027 my hand H8064 to heaven H559 [H8804] , and say H2416 , I live H5769 for ever.
  41 H8150 [H8804] If I shall whet H1300 my glittering H2719 sword H3027 , and my hand H270 [H8799] take hold H4941 on judgment H7725 [H8686] ; I will render H5359 vengeance H6862 to my enemies H7999 [H8762] , and will reward H8130 [H8764] them that hate me.
  42 H2671 I will make my arrows H7937 [H8686] drunk H1818 with blood H2719 , and my sword H398 [H8799] shall devour H1320 flesh H1818 ; and that with the blood H2491 of the slain H7633 and of the captives H7218 , from the beginning H6546 of revenges H341 [H8802] upon the enemy.
  43 H7442 [H8685] Rejoice H1471 , O ye nations H5971 , with his people H5358 [H8799] : for he will avenge H1818 the blood H5650 of his servants H7725 [H8686] , and will render H5359 vengeance H6862 to his adversaries H3722 [H8765] , and will be merciful H127 to his land H5971 , and to his people.
  44 H4872 And Moses H935 [H8799] came H1696 [H8762] and spoke H1697 all the words H7892 of this song H241 in the ears H5971 of the people H1954 , he, and Hoshea H1121 the son H5126 of Nun.
  45 H4872 And Moses H3615 [H8762] finished H1696 [H8763] speaking H1697 all these words H3478 to all Israel:
  46 H559 [H8799] And he said H7760 [H8798] to them, Set H3824 your hearts H1697 to all the words H5749 [H8688] which I testify H3117 among you this day H6680 [H8762] , which ye shall command H1121 your children H8104 [H8800] to observe H6213 [H8800] to do H1697 , all the words H8451 of this law.
  47 H7386 For it is not a vain H1697 thing H2416 for you; because it is your life H1697 : and through this thing H748 [H8686] ye shall prolong H3117 your days H127 in the land H5674 [H8802] , where ye go over H3383 Jordan H3423 [H8800] to possess it.
  48 H3068 And the LORD H1696 [H8762] spoke H4872 to Moses H6106 that same H3117 day H559 [H8800] , saying,
  49 H5927 [H8798] Go up H2022 to this mountain H5682 Abarim H2022 , to mount H5015 Nebo H776 , which is in the land H4124 of Moab H6440 , that is opposite H3405 Jericho H7200 [H8798] ; and behold H776 the land H3667 of Canaan H5414 [H8802] , which I give H1121 to the children H3478 of Israel H272 for a possession:
  50 H4191 [H8798] And die H2022 in the mount H5927 [H8802] where thou goest H622 [H8735] , and be gathered H5971 to thy people H175 ; as Aaron H251 thy brother H4191 [H8804] died H2022 in mount H2023 Hor H622 [H8734] , and was gathered H5971 to his people:
  51 H4603 [H8804] Because ye trespassed H8432 against me among H1121 the children H3478 of Israel H4325 at the waters H4808 H6946 of Meribah-Kadesh H4057 , in the wilderness H6790 of Zin H6942 [H8765] ; because ye sanctified H8432 me not in the midst H1121 of the children H3478 of Israel.
  52 H7200 [H8799] Yet thou shalt see H776 the land H935 [H8799] before thee; but thou shalt not go H776 there to the land H5414 [H8802] which I give H1121 the children H3478 of Israel.