Acts 20

  1 G1161 And G3326 after G2351 the uproar G3973 [G5670] had ceased, G3972 Paul G4341 [G5666] called G3101 to him the disciples, G2532 and G782 [G5666] embraced G1831 [G5627] them, and departed G4198 [G5677] to go G1519 into G3109 Macedonia.
  2 G1161 And G1330 [G5631] when he had gone over G1565 those G3313 parts, G2532 and G4183 0 had given G846 them G4183 much G3870 G3056 [G5660] exhortation, G2064 [G5627] he came G1519 into G1671 Hellas,
  3 G5037 And G4160 [G5660] there abode G5140 three G3376 months. G5259 G2453 And when the Judeans G1096 [G5637] laid G1917 wait G846 for him, G3195 [G5723] as he was about G321 [G5745] to sail G1519 into G4947 Syria, G1096 [G5633] he became G1106 of the opinion G5290 [G5721] to return G1223 through G3109 Macedonia.
  4 G1161 And G4902 [G5711] there accompanied G846 him G891 into G773 Asia G4986 Sopater G961 of Berea; G1161 and G2331 of the Thessalonians, G708 Aristarchus G2532 and G4580 Secundus; G2532 and G1050 Gaius G1190 of Derbe, G2532 and G5095 Timothy; G1161 and G774 of Asia, G5190 Tychicus G2532 and G5161 Trophimus.
  5 G3778 These G4281 [G5631] going before G3306 [G5707] tarried G2248 for us G1722 at G5174 Troas.
  6 G1161 And G2249 we G1602 [G5656] sailed away G575 from G5375 Philippi G3326 after G2250 the days G106 of unleavened bread, G2532 and G2064 [G5627] came G4314 to G846 them G1519 to G5174 Troas G891 in G4002 five G2250 days; G3757 where G1304 [G5656] we abode G2033 seven G2250 days.
  7 G1161 And G1722 upon G3588 the G3391 first G3588 of the G4521 sabbaths, G3101 when the disciples G4863 [G5772] came together G2806 [G5658] to break G740 bread, G3972 Paul G1256 [G5711] dialogued G846 to them, G3195 [G5723] ready G1826 [G5750] to depart G1887 on the next day; G5037 and G3905 [G5707] continued G3056 his speech G3360 until G3317 midnight.
  8 G1161 And G2258 [G5713] there were G2425 sufficient G2985 lights G1722 in G5253 the upper chamber, G3757 where G2258 [G5713] they were G4863 [G5772] gathered together.
  9 G1161 And G2521 [G5740] there sat G1909 in G2376 a window G5100 a certain G3494 young man G3686 named G2161 Eutychus, G2702 [G5746] having fallen G901 into a deep G5258 sleep: G3972 and as Paul G1909 G4119 was long G1256 [G5740] dialoguing, G2702 [G5685] he sunk down G575 with G5258 sleep, G2736 G4098 [G5627] and fell G575 from G5152 the third loft, G2532 and G142 [G5681] was taken up G3498 dead.
  10 G1161 And G3972 Paul G2597 [G5631] went down, G1968 [G5627] and fell on G846 him, G2532 and G4843 [G5631] embracing G2036 [G5627] him said, G2350 0 Make G3361 not G2350 [G5744] a disruption; G1063 for G846 his G5590 breath G2076 [G5748] is G1722 in G846 him.
  11 G1161 When G305 0 he G305 [G5631] had come up again, G2532 and G2806 [G5660] had broken G740 bread, G2532 and G1089 [G5666] eaten, G5037 and G3656 G1909 [G5660] talked G2425 a long while, G891 even till G827 break of day, G3779 so G1831 [G5627] he departed.
  12 G1161 And G71 [G5627] they led G3816 the young man G2198 [G5723] alive, G2532 and G3870 0 were G3756 not G3357 moderately G3870 [G5681] comforted.
  13 G1161 And G2249 we G4281 [G5631] went before G1909 to G4143 a ship, G321 [G5681] and sailed G1519 to G789 Assos, G1564 there G3195 [G5723] intending G353 [G5721] to take in G3972 Paul: G1063 for G3779 so G2258 [G5713] he G1299 [G5772] had appointed, G3195 [G5723] intending G846 himself G3978 [G5721] to go on foot.
  14 G1161 And G5613 when G4820 [G5627] he united G2254 with us G1519 at G789 Assos, G353 0 having taken G846 him G353 [G5631] in, G2064 [G5627] we came G1519 unto G3412 Mitylene.
  15 G2547 0 And G636 [G5660] we sailed G2547 from there, G2658 [G5656] and came G1966 [G5752] the next day G481 opposite G5508 Chios; G1161 and G2087 the next day G3846 [G5627] we threw alongside G1519 at G4544 Samos, G2532 and G3306 [G5660] tarried G1722 at G5175 Trogyllium; G2192 [G5746] and the next day G2064 [G5627] we came G1519 to G3399 Miletus.
  16 G1063 For G3972 Paul G2919 [G5656] had determined G3896 [G5658] to sail by G2181 Ephesus, G3704 because G846 he G1096 [G5638] would G3361 not G5551 [G5658] spend the time G1722 in G773 Asia: G1063 for G4692 [G5707] he hastened, G1487 if G2258 [G5713] it were G1415 possible G846 for him, G1096 [G5635] to be G1519 at G2414 Jerusalem G2250 the day G4005 of Pentecost.
  17 G1161 And G575 from G3399 Miletus G3992 [G5660] he sent G1519 to G2181 Ephesus, G3333 [G5668] and called G4245 the elders G1577 of the congregation.
  18 G1161 And G5613 when G3854 [G5633] they had come G4314 to G846 him, G2036 [G5627] he said G846 to them, G5210 Ye G1987 [G5736] know, G575 from G4413 the first G2250 day G575 G3739 that G1910 [G5627] I came G1519 into G773 Asia, G4459 after what manner G1096 [G5633] I have been G3326 with G5216 you G3956 at all G5550 times,
  19 G1398 [G5723] Being a slave G3588 to the G2962 Lord G3326 with G3956 all G5012 humility of mind, G2532 and G4183 with many G1144 tears, G2532 and G3986 temptations, G3588 which G4819 [G5631] befell G3427 me G1722 by G1917 the lying in wait G2453 of the Judeans:
  20 G5613 And how G5288 [G5668] I kept back G3762 nothing G4851 [G5723] that was profitable G3361 to you, but G312 [G5658] have shown G5213 you, G2532 and G1321 [G5658] have taught G5209 you G1219 publicly, G2532 and G2596 from G3624 house to house,
  21 G1263 [G5740] Testifying G5037 both G2453 to the Judeans, G2532 and also G1672 to the Hellenes, G3341 a change of mind G1519 toward G2316 God, G2532 and G4102 faith G1519 toward G2257 our G2962 Lord G2424 Jesus G5547 Anointed.
  22 G2532 And G3568 now, G2400 [G5628] behold, G1473 I G4198 [G5736] go G1210 [G5772] bound G4151 in the spirit G1519 to G2419 Jerusalem, G3361 not G1492 [G5761] knowing G4876 [G5694] the things that shall befall G3427 me G1722 G846 there:
  23 G4133 Except G3754 that G40 the Holy G4151 Spirit G1263 [G5736] testifieth G2596 in every G4172 city, G3004 [G5723] saying G3754 that G1199 bonds G2532 and G2347 afflictions G3306 [G5719] await G3165 me.
  24 G235 But G3762 none G3056 of these things G4160 [G5731] move me, G3761 neither G2192 [G5719] count I G3450 my G5590 breath G5093 dear G1683 to myself, G5613 so G5048 [G5658] that I may finish G3450 my G1408 course G3326 with G5479 joy, G2532 and G1248 the service, G3739 which G2983 [G5627] I have received G3844 from G2962 the Lord G2424 Jesus, G1263 [G5664] to testify G2098 the good news G5485 of the grace G2316 of God.
  25 G2532 And G3568 now, G2400 [G5628] behold, G1473 I G1492 [G5758] know G3754 that G5210 ye G3956 all, G1722 among G3739 whom G1330 [G5627] I have gone G2784 [G5723] proclaiming G932 the kingdom G2316 of God, G3700 [G5695] shall see G3450 my G4383 face G3765 no more.
  26 G1352 Therefore G5213 G3143 [G5736] I testify to you G1722 G4594 this G2250 day, G3754 that G1473 I G2513 am clean G575 from G129 the blood G3956 of all men.
  27 G1063 For G5288 0 I have G3756 G3361 not G5288 [G5668] shunned G312 [G5658] to declare G5213 to you G3956 all G1012 the counsel G2316 of God.
  28 G4337 [G5720] Take heed G3767 therefore G1438 to yourselves, G2532 and G3956 to all G4168 the flock, G1722 over G3739 which G40 the Holy G4151 Spirit G5087 [G5639] hath made G5209 you G1985 overseers, G4165 [G5721] to feed G3588 the G1577 congregation G2316 of God, G3739 which G4046 [G5668] he hath purchased G1223 with G2398 his own G129 blood.
  29 G1063 For G1473 I G1492 [G5758] know G5124 this, G3754 that G3326 after G3450 my G867 departure G926 grievous G3074 wolves G1525 [G5695] shall enter in G1519 among G5209 you, G3361 not G5339 [G5740] sparing G4168 the flock.
  30 G2532 Also G1537 from G5216 your G846 own selves G450 0 shall G435 men G450 [G5698] arise, G2980 [G5723] speaking G1294 [G5772] perverse things, G645 [G5721] to draw away G3101 disciples G3694 after G846 them.
  31 G1352 Therefore G1127 [G5720] watch, G3421 [G5723] and remember, G3754 that G5148 by the space of three years G3973 [G5668] I ceased G3756 not G3560 [G5723] admonishing G1538 every G1520 one G3571 night G2532 and G2250 day G3326 with G1144 tears.
  32 G2532 And G3569 now, G80 brethren, G3908 [G5731] I commend G5209 you G2316 to God, G2532 and G3056 to the word G846 of his G5485 grace, G3588 which G1410 [G5740] is able G2026 [G5658] to build you up, G2532 and G1325 [G5629] to give G5213 you G2817 an inheritance G1722 among G3956 all G37 [G5772] them who are sanctified.
  33 G1937 [G5656] I have coveted G3762 no man's G694 silver, G2228 or G5553 gold, G2228 or G2441 apparel.
  34 G1161 Yea, G846 ye yourselves G1097 [G5719] know, G3754 that G3778 these G5495 hands G5256 [G5656] have ministered G3450 to my G5532 necessities, G2532 and G5607 [G5752] to them that were G3326 with G1700 me.
  35 G5263 [G5656] I have plainly shown G5213 you G3956 all things, G3754 that G3779 so G2872 [G5723] wearying in labour G1163 [G5748] ye ought G482 [G5738] to assist G770 [G5723] the weak, G5037 and G3421 [G5721] to remember G3056 the words G2962 of the Lord G2424 Jesus, G3754 that G846 he G2036 [G5627] said, G2076 [G5748] { It is G3123 more G3107 blessed G1325 [G5721] to give G2228 than G2983 [G5721] to receive.}
  36 G2532 And G5023 when he had thus G2036 [G5631] spoken, G846 he G1119 kneeled G5087 [G5631] down, G4336 [G5662] and prayed G4862 with G846 them G3956 all.
  37 G1161 And G3956 they all G2805 G1096 [G5633] wept G2425 bitterly, G2532 and G1968 [G5631] fell G1909 on G3972 Paul's G5137 neck, G2705 [G5707] and kissed G846 him,
  38 G3600 [G5746] Being distressed G3122 especially G1909 over G3588 the G3056 words G3739 which G2046 [G5715] he spoke, G3754 that G3195 [G5719] they should G2334 [G5721] see G846 his G4383 face G3765 no more. G1161 And G4311 [G5707] they accompanied G846 him G1519 to G3588 the G4143 ship.