Acts 16:1-3

  1 G1161 Then G2658 [G5656] he came G1519 to G1191 Derbe G2532 and G3082 Lystra G2532 : and G2400 [G5628] , behold G5100 , a certain G3101 disciple G2258 [G5713] was G1563 there G3686 , named G5095 Timothy G5207 , the son G5100 of a certain G1135 woman G2453 , who was a Judean G4103 , and believed G1161 ; but G3962 his father G1672 was a Hellene:
  2 G3739 Who G3140 [G5712] was well reported G5259 of by G80 the brethren G1722 that were at G3082 Lystra G2532 and G2430 Iconium.
  3 G5126 Him G2309 [G5656] would G3972 Paul G1831 [G5629] have to go forth G4862 with G846 him G2532 ; and G2983 [G5631] took G4059 [G5627] and circumcised G846 him G1223 because G2453 of the Judeans G3588 who G5607 [G5752] were G1722 in G1565 those G5117 quarters G1063 : for G1492 [G5715] they G537 all G3754 knew that G846 his G3962 father G5225 [G5707] was G1672 a Hellene.