2 Kings 17:9-18

  9 H1121 And the children H3478 of Israel H2644 [H8762] did secretly H1697 things H3068 that were not right against the LORD H430 their God H1129 [H8799] , and they built H1116 for themselves high places H5892 in all their cities H4026 , from the tower H5341 [H8802] of the watchmen H4013 to the fortified H5892 city.
  10 H5324 [H8686] And they set up H4676 for themselves images H842 and groves H1364 on every high H1389 hill H7488 , and under every green H6086 tree:
  11 H6999 [H8762] And there they burnt incense H1116 on all the high places H1471 , as did the heathen H3068 whom the LORD H1540 [H8689] carried away H6440 before H6213 [H8799] them; and wrought H7451 wicked H1697 things H3068 to provoke the LORD H3707 [H8687] to anger:
  12 H5647 [H8799] For they served H1544 idols H3068 , of which the LORD H559 [H8804] had said H6213 [H8799] to them, Ye shall not do H1697 this thing.
  13 H3068 Yet the LORD H5749 [H8686] testified H3478 against Israel H3063 , and against Judah H3027 , by H5030 all the prophets H2374 , and by all the seers H559 [H8800] , saying H7725 [H8798] , Turn H7451 ye from your evil H1870 ways H8104 [H8798] , and keep H4687 my commandments H2708 and my statutes H8451 , according to all the law H6680 [H8765] which I commanded H1 your fathers H7971 [H8804] , and which I sent H3027 to you by H5650 my servants H5030 the prophets.
  14 H8085 [H8804] However they would not hear H7185 [H8686] , but hardened H6203 their necks H6203 , like the neck H1 of their fathers H539 [H8689] , that did not believe H3068 in the LORD H430 their God.
  15 H3988 [H8799] And they rejected H2706 his statutes H1285 , and his covenant H3772 [H8804] that he made H1 with their fathers H5715 , and his testimonies H5749 [H8689] which he testified H3212 H310 [H8799] against them; and they followed H1892 vanity H1891 [H8799] , and became vain H310 , and went after H1471 the heathen H5439 that were around H3068 them, concerning whom the LORD H6680 [H8765] had charged H6213 [H8800] them, that they should not do like them.
  16 H5800 [H8799] And they left H4687 all the commandments H3068 of the LORD H430 their God H6213 [H8799] , and made H4541 for themselves molten images H8147 , even two H5695 calves H6213 [H8799] , and made H842 a grove H7812 [H8691] , and worshipped H6635 all the host H8064 of heaven H5647 [H8799] , and served H1168 Baal.
  17 H1121 And they caused their sons H1323 and their daughters H5674 [H8686] to pass H784 through the fire H7080 [H8799] , and used H7081 divination H5172 [H8762] and enchantments H4376 [H8691] , and sold H6213 [H8800] themselves to do H7451 evil H5869 in the sight H3068 of the LORD H3707 [H8687] , to provoke him to anger.
  18 H3068 Therefore the LORD H3966 was very H599 [H8691] angry H3478 with Israel H5493 [H8686] , and removed H6440 them out of his sight H7604 [H8738] : there was none left H7626 but the tribe H3063 of Judah only.