2 Chronicles 2:4

  4 H2009 Behold, H589 I H1129 [H8802] build H1004 an house H9005 to the H8034 name H3068 of the LORD H9020 my H430 God, H6942 [H8687] to dedicate H6999 [H8687] it to him, and to burn H6440 at the face of H5561 him sweet H7004 incense, H8548 and for the continual H4635 showbread, H5930 and for the burnt offerings H1242 morning H6153 and evening, H7676 on the sabbaths, H2320 and on the new moons, H4150 and on the solemn feasts H3068 of the LORD H9025 our H430 God. H2063 This H9005 is to H5769 the age HH5921 upon H3478 Israel.