2 Chronicles 20:26-28

  26 H7243 And on the fourth H3117 day H6950 [H8738] they congregated H6010 themselves in the valley H1294 of Berachah; H1288 [H8765] for there they blessed H3068 the LORD: H8034 therefore the name H4725 of the same place H7121 [H8804] hath been called, H6010 The valley H1294 of Berachah, H3117 to this day.
  27 H7725 [H8799] Then they returned, H376 every man H3063 of Judah H3389 and Jerusalem, H3092 and Jehoshaphat H7218 in the front H7725 [H8800] of them, to go again H3389 to Jerusalem H8057 with joy; H3068 for the LORD H8055 [H8765] had made them to rejoice H341 [H8802] over their enemies.
  28 H935 [H8799] And they came H3389 to Jerusalem H5035 with psalteries H3658 and harps H2689 and trumpets H1004 to the house H3068 of the LORD.