1 Samuel 14:47-51

  47 H7586 So Saul H3920 [H8804] took H4410 the kingdom H3478 over Israel, H3898 [H8735] and fought H341 [H8802] against all his enemies H5439 on every side, H4124 against Moab, H1121 and against the children H5983 of Ammon, H123 and against Edom, H4428 and against the kings H6678 of Zobah, H6430 and against the Philistines: H6437 [H8799] and wherever he turned H7561 [H8686] himself, he smote them.
  48 H6213 [H8799] And he gathered H2428 an host, H5221 [H8686] and smote H6002 the Amalekites, H5337 [H8686] and delivered H3478 Israel H3027 from the hands H8154 [H8802] of them that spoiled them.
  49 H1121 Now the sons H7586 of Saul H3129 were Jonathan, H3440 and Ishui, H4444 and Melchishua: H8034 and the names H8147 of his two H1323 daughters H8034 were these; the name H1067 of the firstborn H4764 Merab, H8034 and the name H6996 of the younger H4324 Michal:
  50 H8034 And the name H7586 of Saul's H802 wife H293 was Ahinoam, H1323 the daughter H290 of Ahimaaz: H8034 and the name H8269 of the captain H6635 of his host H74 was Abner, H1121 the son H5369 of Ner, H7586 Saul's H1730 uncle.
  51 H7027 And Kish H1 was the father H7586 of Saul; H5369 and Ner H1 the father H74 of Abner H1121 was the son H22 of Abiel.