1 Samuel 14:47-51

  47 H7586 So Saul H3920 [H8804] took H4410 the kingdom H3478 over Israel H3898 [H8735] , and fought H341 [H8802] against all his enemies H5439 on every side H4124 , against Moab H1121 , and against the children H5983 of Ammon H123 , and against Edom H4428 , and against the kings H6678 of Zobah H6430 , and against the Philistines H6437 [H8799] : and wherever he turned H7561 [H8686] himself, he smote them.
  48 H6213 [H8799] And he gathered H2428 an host H5221 [H8686] , and smote H6002 the Amalekites H5337 [H8686] , and delivered H3478 Israel H3027 from the hands H8154 [H8802] of them that spoiled them.
  49 H1121 Now the sons H7586 of Saul H3129 were Jonathan H3440 , and Ishui H4444 , and Melchishua H8034 : and the names H8147 of his two H1323 daughters H8034 were these; the name H1067 of the firstborn H4764 Merab H8034 , and the name H6996 of the younger H4324 Michal:
  50 H8034 And the name H7586 of Saul's H802 wife H293 was Ahinoam H1323 , the daughter H290 of Ahimaaz H8034 : and the name H8269 of the captain H6635 of his host H74 was Abner H1121 , the son H5369 of Ner H7586 , Saul's H1730 uncle.
  51 H7027 And Kish H1 was the father H7586 of Saul H5369 ; and Ner H1 the father H74 of Abner H1121 was the son H22 of Abiel.